Love with Food – June



Guess who delivers to Canada now? Woot! Love with Food! Want junk-free organic all natural snacks delivered to your door? Starting at $7.99 for your first box, or $5 with the coupon code below, LoveWithFood includes all sorts of goodies that are hard to find in store and available for purchase if you just can’t get enough! I like that they include some coupons for new companies worth discovering, and have boxes available for your office.

Sinfully Thin Blue Popcorn – kinda boring…. Maybe a flavour next time?

Biscottea shortbread – this was pretty tasty!

RawRev – loooove these bars, all 3 flavours I’ve had are delicious!

You love fruit – this mango fruit roll up is so good, tried the key lime before too, so good!

Snapz – love apple crisps! Can’t go wrong here!

Wild garden hummus dip – perfect with the pretzels!

Snack factory pretzel chips – perfectooooo with the hummus!

Yorkie&Howard fruit chews – these are so tiny but full of flavour!

To get your box today for $5 OFF visit:

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