Spiced Up


Looking to spice up your dinner tonight? Nothing like adding a little flavour punch to your taste buds with a Spiced Up subscription. Each month they’ll send you some hand-selected rubs, spices, new ingredients to try out, condiments and even a kitchen gadget! Only the best high quality spices from around the world. Perhaps you’ll get something specific like crystallized ginger, or a blend like Thai Peanut that’s perfect for a Chicken Satay recipe! You can sign up for a subscription, or purchase from their online store! I love their teak bowls in the store, so cute! Another bonus is that they send you some new recipes to try out, nothing too difficult either! So not only are they providing you with new spices and tools, but ways in which to use them too. In this box;

  1. Shawarma – Loving all the strong spices in this seasoning, we have cumin, coriander, garlic, paprika, tumeric, cloves, cayenne, cinnamon and black pepper. Holy moly! I love all of these spices so am pretty happy about this combo! Oh and who doesn’t love a good shawarma, mmm I grab one at lunch at least once a month!
  2. Coffee Rub – Another great combo that will be delicious on red meat or chicken. This one has some coffee ground to awaken your senses, allspice and smoke flavor, plenty more too!
  3. Seafood Rub – They’re really covering all the bases here, now we have a seafood run for your crab cakes, fish and shellfish! Lovely combo of dill, celery seed, lemon peel and more, truly the perfect combo.
  4. Orange Flower Water – This is new to me! Pure orange water? Never even heard about this before! They even sent a recipe for Almond Cake, that would be sooo yummy with a nice touch of citrus!
  5. Citrus Press – super cute lemon, lime or orange press for not only cooking but cocktails! Stainless steel and shaped like a bird – no more pulp or seeds!

Overall I really liked my first box from Spiced Up, I thought they had a great selection and like that there were not only spices but other fun stuff to work with in the kitchen. Only $20 a month to spice up your regular routine and learn some new recipes. Order here;



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