BetterU Box – February


Always a good day when my BetterU Box arrives. The BetterU box is a monthly subscription that provides you with the tools for health and wellness while motivating you to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Always a mix of items for you to enjoy, some snacks and a book once in awhile. Love that they introduce me to so many new products every month. You can expect 6-10 items of either full or sample sizes that are vegan, non-gmo, plant based, natural and organic! You might see some edibles, supplements, spiritual items and more! In the February box we got;

  1. Lava wish bracelet – finally a piece of jewelry to use my essential oils on! I put this on right away and put a drop of lavender oil on it to smell throughout the day! 
  2. Dalai Lama book – perfect book to read about happiness, love, life and living! 
  3. SunButter – a tasty sample of sunflower butter, perfect to go snack on crackers! 
  4. Mini Gallery – super cute to have on your work desk.
  5. Simply Owl Natural – super soothing and natural product to use anytime.
  6. Rawxies – oh yum chocolate brownie! Perfect to pack for a hike or day trip for a vegan gluten free snack. They have so many yummy flavours to try too! 
  7. SunWarrior Protein Powder – vanilla protein powder, perfect for a pre or post workout.
  8. Amethyst – such a pretty stone, this is a third eye chakra for physical and spiritual healing. 

Order your box today, starting at only $27 a month with free shipping, and use code BETTERU25 – for 25% off. Order here;

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