Next Meat



Are you a meataterian like I am? Nothing better than a good charcuterie board, love that the NextMeat sends me some local Canadian goodness in a box and even some fabulous imports too. I love trying new meat, cheese and accompaniments each weekend whether it be at Granville Island, or my local butcher. This subscription allows me to relax at home and get the products straight to my door! In this box we got some massive portions, party at my place!!! 

1. Venetian Pepperoni – mmm I love pepperoni! 

2. Venetian Soppressata Salami – so good

3. Italissima Casalingo Salami – My fav! 

4. Salsiccia Piccante Sausage – nice and spicy! 

In your box you can expect 4+ meats, crackers, cheeses, salts, vinegar, oils and dried veggies, nothing added to this months which was unfortunate! The products could be local or imported from Italy, Germany, Spain, or elsewhere. Special thanks to ML for the homemade wine! ­čŹĚ

Use code MEAT15 for 15% off your first month and get free shipping for as low as $45 a month, Canada only! Order here;


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