The Monthly Initial


image.jpeg Welcome to the ‘hello’ box of The Monthly Initial subscription box! In this box you will find a warm greeting to a creative and fun personalized experience! In future boxes you can expect handmade personalized totes, frames, tumblers, mugs, decals and home décor! I don’t know about you, but I personally love my name, my initials and love personalizing my décor. I think this would be a great gift for your bridesmaids or a lovely housewarming gift! In this box;

  1. Personalized Mug – Simple and cute, can’t wait to show this off in my office!
  2. Double-sided ‘HELLO’ home décor – super cute and will be a fantastic addition to my coffee table.
  3. Hello There notecards – Handmade and a nice little touch to the box to spread the love.
  4. Hello Darling monogram decal & personalized initials decals – Where should I put these? I can’t wait to find a spot for them, maybe a coaster, a wine glass, so many options!!!

Sign up today with code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL10 for 10% off your subscription plan! Also check out their site to win a one year free subscription!


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