Amoda Tea


Amoda sends you some amazing high quality tea each month. I LOVE their website, such great photography goes such a long way in this industry and these guys have it down! Sign up for their monthly subscription for hand picked samples of some amazing tea from North America. Each month you will get 4 specially picked teas along with biodegradable tea filters! In this box;

  1. Apple Lavender – ohhhh my fav, a new fav tea of mine for sure, it was delicious!
  2. White Cap Chai – mmm I love chai and this one is fabbbbulous and full of cinnamon, orange peel, and ginger.
  3. Afterglow – ooo full of delicious ingredients like hibiscus and rose petals.
  4. Matcha Bliss – mmm finally a matcha! I just need the mixer to make the matcha the perfect way!

I love all their different pre-made kits too. Like the renew cleansing kit, The Fix which is a plant based hangover kit, herbal wellness mini kit, balance packs, stress kits, and my fav, the matcha mini set that has 7 yummy flavours to try! They also sell a travel set for $17 that includes biodegradable disposable tea filters, a measuring spoon for the perfect cup of tea and an ethically-made pouch to carry everything . Get an extra 10% when you sign up for their email newsletters! Use code membershipfree for free shipping off orders over $20! FREE shipping with monthly subscriptions thou which are only $18 a month. Order here;

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