The Kink Kit


Parents put your kids to bed! Okay all you naughty folks, feast your eyes on the Kink Kit. If you love to get kinky and try new things to spice it up and keep the fire alive then you’ll love this box! Filled with games and ways to play that you never thought of.

this box of games and toys requires you and your lover to be fully present. To communicate and work with each other and to discuss like, dislikes and boundaries. This box is ‘The Art of Arousal’ and get for raising the libido and heighten those senses. This box is perfect for eliminating the distractions and silly stupid stuff life throws your way. Get ready to be present both physically and emotionally with your partner with a box of tantric fun games, toys and activities to try out to arouse yourself and your partner to new heights!

All you need is an open mind and a night in with some romantic candles, the rose petals provided scattered and soft music. This box includes this rest including a vibrator, a spiky pinwheel, Ben Waa balls, a blindfold and satin ribbon to tie up your extremities.

The activities in this box range from the Erotic Sculpture where you feel and appreciate your partner, to Fire & Ice which is a cheeky massage with hot and cold. The Love Inspection uses the toys included to find some new erogenous zones you may not ever know you had to the Sweet Spot where it’s a blindfolded game of hide and seek to find the candies.

This is a quarterly sexscription for $74.95 every 3 months. You can expect about 7 games or activities plus other fun stuff! Order here;

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