Nerd Block – Classic Box



Loving my NerdBlock! I’m new into the geek world but am jumping on the bandwagon. There are so many different collectables that I’ve found lately and actually got a fav in this box! The NerdBlock is great because it caters to your geekiness. Do you prefer sci-fi? Comics? So many options to choose from! Their boxes have some of the best nerd and geek products, toys, collectibles, ano name brands like Disney, Marvel, Nintendo and more. You might even get a limited edition item or something curated by a celeb!

Want to know your options? You can choose from their Sci-Fi box which includes a tee, and a whole lot of sci-fi stuff, maybe Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files, Alien… Who knows! Only $19.99 a month.

There’s a Arcade box which would include a gamer shirt and other gamer gadgets and gear, maybe Nintendo, Mario, Sega, love this theme! I am ooooobsessed with Donkey Kong Country from Super Nintendo (yes I still have the console and all 3 games). $19.99 a month as well.

Love scary movies? Go for the Horror box! I  love a good horror movie, and this package looks fun! Expect so creepy figurines like vinyl pops (my fav) maybe Freddy Kruger, IT, The Shining, Aliens, Walking Dead… This one is a hot commodity! $19.99 a month.

Also a Comic box. Get a shirt, maybe 4 comics and some other collectibles. Worth $60 for only $19.99.

They have the Jr girls and Jr boys box for little ones, I think it’s fantastic that they have boxes catered for young ones too, My little pony for the girls, hot wheels for the boys, everyone’s happy! Suitable for ages 6-11 (I don’t think u need an age range thou!) for only $13.99.

They have a shirt box as well if that’s your preference, where you get 5 shirts worth $100+ for $29.95 a month.

This is their Classic Block, and jam packed! Here you will find a mix of it all which I think is best!  In this box;

1. ZUUL Ghostbusters tee – oh man this is scary looking! Shirt Punch makes some great quality and fun tees!

2. Night of the Living Dead fridge magnets – quotes from the movie, these are cool.

3. Awkward family postcards – these are hilarious, will have to send some out.

4. Transformers pin – crazy how there are collectible pins!

5. Attack on Titans backpack hanger – these are super cool, is it bad that I had no idea what this was?

6. Harley Quinn keychain – my faaaav, dying to see Suicide Squad! She’s so mini! And even holding the bat!

7. Joker doll – Bleacher Creature doll from Suicide Squad!

8. Parker & Big Chap Alien figures – these collective vinyl figures are awesome! The rest of the collection is hilarious!

Bonus! You have a few more days to sign up for a free box! These prices drop dramatically if you sign up for a longer subscription, so either way check em’ out! Order here;


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