Bibliophilic Excursions – Australia


Looking for your next good read? How about a themed adventure with each new box! Bibliophilic Excursions, with their cute side name of Malcolm Reads due to their adorable pup ambassador, is more than just a book box. Each month you can expect a carefully curated fun experience and new location theme where you can dive into a good read while enjoying the extra’s to create a solid reading session in that months location including their local snacks, stationary items, tea and more, perfect for nuzzling up in a comfy corner, or relaxing in the bath. They send all sorts of books of different genres from murder mysteries to romantic love stories, so a little something for everyone, not to mention each month is fun new theme that sets the tone.

Here are the journeys you can choose from. The Signature Journey includes 2 books set in a destination country, which includes a fiction and a non-fiction, along with goodies that will heighten each and every sense, so perhaps a yummy treat to taste and a candle to smell. The Fiction Journey will bring you tales of romance, mystery, and more. And the Non-Fiction Journey will centre around visiting a new location through historical and travel novels. They also have the Our Ladies at Lunch Box which is perfect is you love a good ladies novel with a female protagonist or female author, my fav! Oh but wait, they also have the Mystery & Mixology which is super fun and includes a nice mystery novel with all the ingredients (except the booze of course) to make a cocktail to sip on while reading! Whaaa? Love it! Want to try them out for less? Jump for the Grab Bag and get a mixed bag of tricks! Aka a past destination box! In this box we have the Adventure Down Under box from Australia;

  1. In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson
  2. The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman
  3. Boomerang
  4. Tanami Art coin purse
  5. Souvenir Australia tea
  6. Australian Honey
  7. Fancy pen
  8. Vegemite

Looking for something special? You can do custom orders, so perhaps a book club idea or birthday theme for someone special. Also lovely is that they team up with companies like World Vision and donate a portion of the sales. The Fiction and Non-Fiction are $39.99 a month, while the Signature Journey is $49.99 (you can also do the quarterly subscription for this one!), then the Ladies at Lunch box & Mystery box is $34.99, and lastly the Grab Bag box is $29.99. They even have a Christmas for Book Lovers box you can order a few of for holiday gifts! For the holidays they teamed up with World Vision and will be donating $2 from each of sale between November and January to stock schools with supplies and offer small business loans in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, amazing! Order here;

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