Tea Sparrow



Tea Addict? Look no further! Tea Sparrow tastes teas from around the world with their panel of experts and tea enthusiasts that hand pick only the best loose leaf teas to send to you monthly! Each month you can expect 4 new tea flavours with 0.6oz per bag.   So many yummy flavours in this months fruity selection!

1. Lemon Sherbet – Will be having a little of this with honey before bedtime tonight, love my herbal teas! Mmm with Apple pieces and lemongrass, blackberry leaves and hibiscus! What a combo!

2. Peach Passion – this black tea is perfect was to end summer with an iced peach tea! Smells like a little slice of heaven!

3. Japanese Treasures – an old treasure from Japan, classic green tea with a little extra something from those strawberry pieces, hint of lemon and ginger as well!

4. Organic Pink Grapefruit – another great choice if you want to go iced one last time before fall! Not just grapefruit either, but papaya and pineapple, should be called the fruit salad!

Looking at their past flavours I’m getting a little jealous!!! Wish I tried the pomegranate crisp, chocolate mint, baked apple rooibos, coconut oolong, red hot chai, nutty almond cream and… sorry I could go on and on! Only $20 a month with free shipping! Order here;



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