Universal Yum – January 2016


imageUniversal Yums was my very first subscription box to sign up for last month and motivated me to start this blog! As a lover of trying new foods, adventures and all things great I decided to sign up for a 6 month subscription as a Christmas gift to myself!

Universal Yums in an international subscription box that contains sweets and snacks from a different country starting at $13.00 each month, how exciting! The information cards are adorable too, they have info on the country, each snack and how it’s unique to that country, a playlist, trivia and a little hint on the next months destination. Okay, onto the box!

Item #1 – Ulker Pizza Crackers – Yum, reminded me of Pocky but savory instead of sweet!

Item #2 – Koska Susam Krokan – I loooove sesame snaps and these were comparable but bigger and better!

Item #3 – Grape Sujuk – This was one of the oddest things I’ve ever tried, I made about 5 friends try it and everyone actually liked it! Scary looking, and apparently an aphrodisiac, called a sausage which was funny, had to be sure to tell everyone trying it that there was in fact no meat in it! 

Item #4 – Albeni Biscuit – Similar to a Twix bar! 

Item #5 – Dankek 8 Orange Cake – Everyone loved this creamsicle tasting treat!

Item #6 – NutyMax Hazelnut Cream – Yuuuum, love hazelnuts, this was a favorite for sure!

Item #7 – Falim Mastic Gum – Such an odd gum, gave it a try and tastes like nothing, but apparently helps fight gingivitis and is dentist recommended!

Item #8 – Toffix Fruit Chews – These were sooooo tasty, I’m not a fan of hard candy, but loved them! 

Looking forward to many more countries to try in the future! Up next; FRANCE!




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