Picnic Time


I have another new favorite company to share with you! If you know me well you’d know I absolutely love Picnics. A cozy blanket, charcuterie board and bottle of something yummy is all you need to enjoy the great outdoors. BUT, what about the picnic basket? I’ve always ever used boring ol’ totes to haul all my picnic supplies, but that ends here! Picnic Time is a company that brings the family together with all sorts of products to encourage socializing, eating and enjoying each others company! They have a wide range of products from picnic baskets, outdoor grills, bartending tools and more.

First off, the picnic baskets! When choosing one you’ll want to consider how many people you generally picnic with. I like a romantic picnic for two so went with a smaller basket, this one is the Boardwalk Picnic Basket. They have quality products that include porcelain plates, and stainless steel cutlery, corkscrew and a fun canvas and wooden look. The picnic baskets range from $65 and up and range in size so from a duo set to large family baskets, and styles like watermelon, barrel style and heart shaped (perfect for Valentine’s!) and large fancy ones that include serving trays and blankets. They also have wine baskets which some include a little cheese board and knife, too cute, as well as picnic totes and coolers too. They use ThermoGuard insulation which helps keep your food warm or cold for up to 8 hours so you can keep your picnic fresh and ready to consume.

For barware they have a range of items, from growler bags which are perfect if your riding your bike to get a fill. Beer caddies which are perfect to bring some cold ones to the beach or to a round of golf. They have beer flights which are fun to have a few of for a beer tasting party. They even have a growler tap so you can tap your own growler! Fun! Not into beer? They’ve got tons of wine products too! From wine totes to wine tool sets. Need to tote around a case of wine? They’ve even got a rolling tote for that! Great for big parties and events! Cocktails more your style? They have a range of giftable items like a shot serving tray, perfect for your tequila loving friends. Their whisky box is pretty fancy too which comes with the proper cubes. Bartender on the go? Just bring your tote filled with all the tools you need to create the perfect cocktail for a party! Seriously they are fully stocked and think of everything! All the bells and whistles! One of them includes a 16 piece set including a strainer, tongs, spoon, hammer, muddler, jigger, corkscrew, shaker, paring knife, bottle opener, cocktail picks and a cutting board. Holy moses. That covers it all!

They’ve got plenty of portable totes, coolers, including backpacks and collapsible baskets when you don’t have much space. They have a few different grill and BBQ options as well. From a full BBQ tool set to a full portable BBQ. Don’t forget comfortable seating! Whether your on the side lines of your kids soccer game to the uncomfy wooden benches at a baseball game, they have portable comfy seats for any adventure. They also have umbrellas, sun shades and fully portable picnic tables! Don’t forget the games, choose from a few cornhole bean bag throw games and a mini golf set. They truly think of it all. From garden tote bags with a seat and full set of tools, to and Emergency side of the road kit, even a massive tool box full of goodies for the mechanic in your life.

Lastly I would check out their licensed products. Perfect for gift giving if someone is keen on something customized like Disney, Star Wars, Sports Teams… they have a TON of items! Want to share the news of an upcoming trip to Disneyland? You can surprise them with tickets in a Mickey Mouse tote! Love Disney princesses? Check out their Snow White cheese board! Geek alert, check out the R2D2 collapsible table. They even have options to have your company logo added to items if you are ordering in large quantities.

Check out their catalogs online to get an idea for size of what you’d like. Their product lines include Picnic Time, Legacy, Oniva and Toscana. All their products also come with a lifetime guarantee ‘Built to Last’. Enjoy making your Christmas list and bonus – FREE SHIPPING! Order here;



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