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Silk Lounge


Looking for a truly magical experience? You may have heard about this new restaurant but if you haven’t tried it then you are nuts! Silk Lounge in Gastown is a stunningly gorgeous setting with French and Indian style cuisine that will melt in your mouth. This hidden gem is truly special and unique to Vancouver. I’ve never been to another restaurant that has so many fascinating pieces of decor, lighting, seating, chandeliers, and more. You can expect to find authentic Indian cuisine with the perfect amount of spice and flavor to keep you coming back for more.

Now for the food and drinks! We had a chance to try a couple drinks off the cocktail menu and some appetizers, and let me tell you… I would have licked the plate if I was at home, but seriously, I wiped every single plate clean, not a speck of spice or sauce was left, it was seriously that good! For drinks we tried the Blue Pehool and the Grapefruit Thyme. I loved the blue drink, it tasted like heaven in a cup, it was a vibrant blue and made with coconut milk and lychee. For food we had several different dishes, from the steak bites that came with a brandy demi-glaze, to the Kumbh Kaafi Mirch which are mushroom caps with ginger, garlic, peppercorns and all the deliciousness you could imagine. I’ve never in my life ordered mushroom caps before, have I been missing out? Or are these just little morsels of heaven? We had Prawns, so much fun watching them prepare this one, with the flames! The Tandoori Halibut was so delicate, it will melt in your mouth, so perfectly cooked, and the chicken was obviously a fav as well.

I would suggest this restaurant for any special occasion. Perfect for birthday, anniversaries, weddings, runway modelling (yes they’ve done it!), book the whole space and wow your guests, or bring your lover and show off your knowledge of finding the hidden gem (your welcome).

I would suggest you ask questions about the decor while your there, let them wow you with the incredible efforts they went through to create such a beautiful space. You won’t find any added sugar, preservatives, or modified ingredients. This is 100% made from scratch in the kitchen using amazing recipes. Gary the owner was so sweet as well, looking forward to our next visit, would love to make it a regular occurrence!

Located at 132 Powell St, Vancouver. Find out more here;



Looking for authentic Italian food in Vancouver? A must try on my list had been Fiore for the longest time and I finally got a chance to try them out! From their fun Negroni bar to their pizzas and pastas, you won’t be disappointed! Located on South Granville around the corner from a theatre so a busy but worth the wait spot! My favourite part was the Negroni Lounge, I haven’t heard of any other restaurant or Lounge having this many Negroni style options, they have 10!!! My favs are the Ne-Straw-Groni, Beergroni, the Whiskey Sour and the Pink Negroni. Don’t miss out on their wine list as well, they have some new options including the 2015 Di Sippo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy that was amazing, so smooth and easy drinking!

On to the food! I love their Antipasti board, full of cheese, meat and delicious goodies to start your food journey. Their sides and starters all sound so amazing it was hard to choose! We went for the beets, which came out so beautifully it was hard to devour! Served with apples, ricotta, fennel and coriander, came with purple and yellow beets. Yum! So earthy! We also had the Arugula & Carrot Salad, and honestly, this was one of my favorite salads ever. There was something about the dressing or the combo of ingredients, I couldn’t stop eating it! The carrots tasted like they were fresh out of the garden too. So good! It had fennel, orange, dill and these yummy little pickled raisins.

For our entrees we went for a pizza (finally!) and a pasta. We tried their delicious Cauliflower pizza, omg so good, massive pieces of califlower with mushrooms, kale, shallots, provolone and the most scrumptious lemon cream sauce. Very drool worthy. We also had the Trottole Finnocchiona pasta with house fennel sausage, squash, sage and apple puree. Very hearty with those massive chucks of fennel sausage, yuuum. They have quite a menu change so if you haven’t been around in awhile I would definitely suggest heading over to try some new items.

For dessert we went for the Chocolate Panna Cotta with hazelnuts and the Almond & Vanilla Rice Pudding with almonds and cherries. We had a hard time sharing as we both loved our own desserts, so good… I couldn’t tell you which I liked more… maybe get one of each?

Be sure to visit them during happy hour then stay for some family style entrees! I would suggest making a reso or arriving early because they are always busy and bumping! Love the location as well, perfect to go for a stroll before shopping, dinner than a show!

1485 W 12th Ave, Vancouver

Save on Meats – Greasy Spoon Diner Supper Series – Vol 49.

Have you ever experienced one of the collaboration dinners at Save On Meats in Vancouver? Then your missing out! Every month, Save on Meats hosts an exquisite four course meal paired with drinks, and I have to tell you, it’s out of this world! With world renowned chefs and an amazing fine-dining meal, not to mention award winning bartenders stirring up a storm some of the finest cocktails, beer & wine that pair perfectly with each course. The best part? This is all to raise money for A Better Life Foundation. I’ve been several times now, about a year and a half ago with Mark Singson of FAM Inc, last year with chef Alexandrea Fladhamer from Fiore Restaurant, Chef Lauraleigh Paul Yuxweluptun’aat from Skwachays Lodge, and a few months ago with proprietor Mark Brand, all amazing experiences I would never forget.
Last night we had Chef Wesley Young from Pidgin create a 4 course meal paired with drinks. Course 1 was Soup & Dumpling – some chicken & scallion broth with prawn & pork dumplings, they were delicious! I wanted so much more! Full bowl next time please! Course 2 was Cold Cuts – shredded wine poached chicken, pickled veg, crepes and dipping sauce. Okay this was by far my favorite. These were comparable to lettuce wraps as it tasted like some sort of hoisen sauce, and the picked veg was the perfect touch! Course 3 was the Rice Bowl – steamed rice, pork ragout, soy fudge egg yolk, furikake and scallions. Interesting flavors here, but lots to fill us up! Course 4 was Tapioca Pudding – tapioca pearls, almond milk, condensed milk, vanilla, red bean paste, green tea, compressed melon and coconut meringue. Loved the meringue and the sweetness of the dessert. For drinks we had a Pale Ale from Persephone, a Pinot Grigio from Dunavar, a cocktail with Skyy Vodka, melon liqueur, green tea and lemon which is green and sweet, then my favorite drink which I would definitely order which was Lychee infused sake, lemon and basil, yummmm!
Save on Meats partners with groups like A Better Life Foundation because they know first hand about those in need. They are located right in the hub of the downtown Eastside of Vancouver and are doing their part to help fight back against hunger and poverty. This foundation looks to increase food security for women and children who are fleeing violence, as well as provide training and employment opportunities which providing a hearty and healthy meal. They feed about 1000 Vancouverites a year, and aren’t stopping anytime soon, they’ve served over 2 million meals to date!!!!
Save on Meats has been around since 1957.
It’s moving to see all those who want to help, the generosity of the guests, providing monetary donations to give back to those in need. They provide equal employment opportunities for those who may not find employment elsewhere, such as those with mental health issues, physical disabilities, those with a criminal record and others who just aren’t given the same opportunities at a career. The restaurant itself has an affordable menu for everyone in the community. From an All Day Breakfast for only $5.95 to a a hearty burger and side for under $9.
They have served over 90,000 meals to those in need and have tons of programs giving back including 2 ways of supporting this Foundation. Firstly they have The Greasy Spoon which pairs amazing chefs from around the country and bring them in to create a diner inspired meal paired with cocktails made by award winning bartenders, as well as beer and wine. You’ll sit in social tables where you can interact and connect with like minded individuals also looking to make a difference. Each ticket helps feed and employ those in need, so open your wallets folks!
They also have Plenty of Plates which is an opportunity for you to give back by cooking and serving wholesome meals to those in need. They also have a Token program which gives warm clothing to those in need. Each token is $5 and good for a pound of clothing at The Rag Machine which is a high quality recycled clothing store where everything they sell is about $6 a lb. They even have sandwich tokens too! Just purchase a token and choose where you’d like to see it used, such as the VPD, Women’s Health Collective, Rainier’s Women Clothing or leave it up to them to allocate where the funds would go. They have a diner, sandwich window, butcher, not to mention they offer cooking classes like canning, sausage making, and even do catering for events like Weddings!
Want to learn more about the impact they’re making?
Here’s their Social Impact Report;
They are located at 43 West Hastings, Vancouver so go down and give them a visit!
Want to attend a Greasy Spoon Supper Series? Click here;

BurgerMania at Glowbal


BURGERMANIA has arrived! Looking to wrap your hands around a juicy, mouth watering burger? Get ready for these massive burgers & sliders with options for everyone. This is a limited time only menu so you better act quick as it ends on the 22nd and has specific times to take advantage! Okay, so here are your options. only $22 each;

  1. The Ultimate Burger – beef patty, mac and cheese, double smoked bacon, onion
    rings, egg, tomato, lettuce, pickle, truffle aioli served with sea salt fries. This one is perfect for the one who always gets the add-on’s, and that truffle aioli… I would like a bucket of it please!
  2. The Mediterranean – lamb patty, hummus, tzatziki, fried halloumi, bell peppers
    served with sweet potato fries.
  3. The Funky One – beef patty, spicy duck confit, pickled cucumbers, chili lime
    aioli, cotton candy served with tater tots poutine. Holy moses this was a massive burger, I wasn’t expecting so much duck, super filling and finger licking!
  4. The Veggie Nation – tempura portobello mushroom patty, guacamole, chipotle
    aioli, roasted eggplant served with truffle fries
  5. Slider Trio w/ The Surf & Turf – caramelized onions, braised short rib patty, tempura lobster truffle sauce, slaw, The Mediterranean – cheese-stuffed lamb patty, hummus, bell peppers, The Funky One – beef patty, spicy duck confit, pickled cucumbers, chili lime aioli served with cotton candy and tempura green beans – Okay seriously, if your going to get anything I would suggest the trio! That surf in turn was amazing, I ate it so fast I didn’t even get a chance to share a bite! Sorry not sorry!

Glowbal by the Glowbal group at the Telus Garden in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and it was superb! From the stunning decor inside and out, to the open concept kitchen, to the wrap around outside patio and bar, to the cage style booths. They are a great location for work meeting, or business event with private executive rooms available to reserve, perfect for a night out with the ladies with their fun cage style outdoor booths, lovely for a romantic dinner for 2 with a view, and fitting for a brunch on the weekend with their caesar cart! I’ve been to a few of the Glowbal group restaurants now and am blown away by all of them, each with something different to entice you to each and every one of them! As the winner of the 2018 Diners Choice Award, they have options for everyone with their $13 for a burger & beer every Friday until 3pm, Cocktail Hour is daily from 230-6pm, plus join in on $5 feature drinks and $1 feature oysters!

We also had a chance to try some amazing cocktails including ‘G’ soooo good! Mmmm can’t wait to get back there and try some more menu item!

Thank you to Grace, Ardallan, the wait staff and chefs for an amazing experience as always!

Visit them at 590 W Georgia St, Vancouver – Telus Garden

Glory Juice Co.


Juice it up baby! I’ve always been a big fan of those fancy juices, but don’t have the time or patience to make my own. Tried to juice myself some carrot juice just last week and it turned out pretty awful. Whenever I get the chance on my lunch breaks I like to walk over to Glory Juice Co. near my office to grab a warm or cold bowl, a healthy and delicious tasting juice or smoothie and some little extras! I first started visiting them a couple years ago to try their organic cold-pressed juice and fell hard! I love trying all the different flavors and learning about the benefits of each one, packed with nutritious ingredients. This week I went in to try their food items. I had always been curious but have just always opted for the drinks. I tried the Cauliflower + Chickpea bowl and holy moly was it ever filling. I only finished about half of the bowl for lunch as I was stuffed! The combo of the quinoa, chickpeas and delicious dressing, drool! I loved the spirulina hummus, pickled onions and cashew garlic dressing, it was the perfect touch, I would def order again!

Looking for something else to nibble on? They have a few other bowls like the Warm & Hearty, Glorious Slaw, a few different toast dishes like my fav avocado toast, tons of salad options including my favorite the Slaw salad with turmeric ginger vinaigrette, and they even have healthy yummy soups! The soups come in the same beverage container so perfect to bring back to the office and heat up. They also have a few different cleanses to choose from! My fav part is all the different juices. I love going in the store and seeing the rainbow of colour and options to choose from. My fav is how they can help you choose a juice based on how your feeling and what you feel you need to improve that day. Feeling hungover? Low on energy? There’s a suggested juice for that! Need a protein boost? How about something super hydrating? Some favs of mine are the #14 with Pears, cucumber, fennel, spinach, mint, and more, which is good for digestion, hydration, and energizing! Another fav is the Golden Turmeric Mylk which helps the immune and digestive system! Can’t forget the Magic Switchel with Blue Majik the blue-green algae.

Visit one of their 5 locations scattered around Vancouver or find out more here including where else you can find them, I went to visit their E 2nd Ave location!


Craft Brewmaster Dinner Series


Who else loves Craft? That awesome and historical salt building in the heart of Vancouver is a fav local hangout of mine. Not only do they have a great local after work happy hour hangout, but a massive beer on tap selection and some delicious food items like their sushi burger! I love how my fav hangouts always seem to have the best events! This week we had the chance of attending another Brewmaster’s Dinner. Here’s what we had;

  1. Hippie Toast with Berline Weisse
  2. Granola for ‘brinner’ with Cream Ale
  3. Roasted Tomato Frittata with Homeward Bound Hazy Pale Ale
  4. Surf & Turf with Northeast IPA
  5. Beignet with Venture Fruit Sour

Overall the experience seemed very intimate but also social. We got comfortable and met our neighbours sitting at the long tables and it was really enjoyable! There was more than enough beer to go around, we even shared our leftovers. I’m used to attending all included dinners where I’d love another half glass of my favorite, but this event had more than enough for everyone! The food was amazing, it was such a fun breakfast for dinner theme. Seating, layout, atmosphere, I thought it was great. It was private enough to make you feel special, but open enough to move around to chat, explore the Salt building and meet some people. Very much looking forward to see their future Brewmaster’s events and subsequent pairings!

Check out next months Brewmaster dinner with Moody Ales! A fav of mine! Also check out their St.Patties event. Be sure to visit their location on 85 West 1st Ave, Vancouver too and see how they are actively supporting their locals and staying sustainable! Get your next events tickets here;

Urban Leaf Catering


Vegan? Plant based? Who ever thought I would love it? Well my mind has been changed after trying Urban Leaf Catering at their pop up dinner at Soil. We had an unbelievable, plate licking 4 course meal with drink pairing and it was amazing. All the details were perfect from the cocktails to the garnish. You could hear all night people asking where to buy the sauces and questions on if there is potential for a restaurant opening, yessss we agree! With chef and Kadieann Tighe leading the team with fellow chef Shani Cohen I had actually tried her creations before at Save on Meats during a greasy spoon supper party, her carrot lox and jackfruit sliders tasted so amazing, you’d never think veggies could taste so good! Loved the menu for this pop up thou.

Course 1 we had Nish Noush, a family style tray of labneh, confit garlic pesto, Italian sausage (not actual meat but tasted like it!!!) tomato chutney, with pickled veg, pita and crackers. We had to stop ourselves from licking the bowls clean!!! This course was paired with a mouthwatering rose water gin lemonade.

Course 2 we had a beet carpaccio with yummy honey walnuts, chimichurri, goat cheese, and a focaccia with pistachio butter, sooo good, paired with a beetroot mimosa.

Course 3 was a winter Ragu, it was like a naked ravioli with almond ricotta gnudi, chanterelle mushrooms, freeze dried leeks and tomatoes, asparagus, with a mushroom sage purée paired with a nice glass of villa teresa merlot.

Course 4 was the earl grey lavender ganache on a pecan date crust with coconut mousse, and candied orange peels paired with an amazing earl grey rosemary bourbon.

I’m drooling just thinking about this meal and how I want it again, like tonight! Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next. In the meantime you can try Kadieann’s amazing creations at Save on Meats (full review of them also on the blog) and you can buy some of their products around town like at Vegan Pop Up, and Juice Truck. Check them out here;