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Monthly Pen Club


It’s funny how in the past I never really cared about pens. But I’ve learned to appreciate them over the past few years, I mean, it’s something we use all the time! Why cheap out when you could get a quality pen, even better? How about a new fancy quality pen every month? The Monthly Pen Club is a fun new subscription when you’ll get exclusive fancy pens every month. Just choose from fountain, no fountain so balls and rollers only or 50/50. You’ll get a genuine original pen along with some other goodies each month! They are based in Belgium but ship worldwide and they even chose 1 person each month to receive an exclusive Visconti or Montblanc pen! Fancy! In this box;

  1. Lamy Safari pink pen with a medium bib and 1 large ink cartridge – put the cartridge in and tested it out and it’s super smooth and sturdy.
  2. Manuscript creative cartridges – so many different colours to choose from!
  3. The Black Notebook – a nice sturdy pocket notebook
  4. Chokotoff by Côte d’Or – yup ate these right after I took the photo!

They are under $35 a month with a year subscription and get 10% off your entire order with code 10SUBBOXGIRL. Order here;

Art Gallery in a Box


Want to take a trip to the art gallery without leaving your couch! Love supporting your local artist? Art Gallery in a Box is just that! They bring you artisan handcrafted items made by local American artists and creators. Each box has 3+ unique works of art, handcrafted items, decorations, prints, sculptures, pottery, and even soaps and candles! You will also have a leaflet that shares the stories of the featured artists and makers. I love that your supporting all these artists who are doing what they love! Support their passion! In this box;

  1. Greetings Cards & Notebook by Obvious State
  2. Ornaments by Collin Garrity
  3. Abstract Art by Amy Lighthall
  4. Flying Pig Tote by Eric & Christopher
  5. Be Kind Button by David Gerbstadt

This is a quarterly subscription for only $40 a box. Use code sbgirl10 for $10 off a 1 year subscription! Order here;

Craft Eaze


Crochet obsessed? Love a relaxing evening of crocheting with a cup of tea and some relaxing music? The CraftEaze is a monthly subscription for crocheting. Each month you’ll get a pattern and supplies for a project. Not to mention a movie on Netflix and wine pairing suggestion! This project is perfect for beginners and for the advance crocheter looking for a quick new project!

This box came with a lovely purple, blue and green coloured yarn, some matching buttons and a tapered throat crochet hook. The Netflix pairing is Lovesick and the wine pairing is Winking Owl Moscato. The project is making a Chevron Laptop Cover and comes with all the instructions. Plus there is a link to learn how to make a chain, single and double crochet.

Only $19.99 a month for a subscription or $29.99 for past projects. Order here;

RLB Art Box


Feeling artsy? Looking to get crafty? Take your art experience to a new level with RLB ArtBox subscription! Sending you fun little art project kits with all the supplies needed to create your masterpiece including easy to follow directions. What to expect? A little drawing project? Painting?

This month we got a ‘Sparkle & Shine’ watercolour gem painting. I decided to go for it and do the painting tonight, took me awhile as I’ve never done a water painting before, and it was actually really hard! You want it to look natural but it’s harder then it looks! I felt like I could have worked on it more but I didn’t want it to look worse so just decided to leave it as it is.

Best part is now you have these tools to keep for your own other side projects! You can also purchase past project art kits if you missed out. Loving the wire tree, the string heart. Maybe a grab a bunch and have a Pinterest party! I actually had a painting party last year and loved the little pieces made!

Starting at only $23 a month. Order here;

PostMark’d Studio


What an adorable box. This was a fav of mine for presentation. I loved every aspect and appreciate the effort they put in this one to make it took enticing. The Postmark’s Studio is a subscription delivering on snail mail and more! Each month you’ll get a variety of m greeting cards and other paper products and fun goodies. They encourage snail mail and the lovely art you can create with it. Snail mail and pen palling is such fun and exciting. I love getting snail mail! I feel like I only get wedding and baby invites by snail mail… oh and the occasional bill. But a post card or letter goes a long way. So get to decorating an envelope with writing, stickers, banners and stamps, making it too pretty to open and send off a heart felt card to a love one! Here is the January black & white themed box;

  1. We have 5 stunning cards, some can be sent as a postcard and some are better tucked in an envelope. The zebra on skates and the black sheep are adorable. Really great quality paper too.
  2. Desktop calendar w/ magnetic bullnose clip – super cute and great for my work space. Lovely pop of colour for your office each month.
  3. Calligraphy pen – was super excited for this! Have never tried but always wanted to test out my skills with calligraphy! No excuses now!
  4. Stamps & pencil – super cute, old school stamps to fancy up your snail mail!

Only $30.95 a month, or less with a longer subscription. Not bad, and cheaper then heading to Hallmark every month to find a greeting card that everyone else already has. Here you’ll get greeting cards, postcards, doodads and artsy gadgets With a new theme each month. Check out their online store too! Order here;

Doodle Art by Crafty Kizzy


Love to spend your day doodling? Feeling artsy and craftsy? Super cute kids (or adults if your young at heart like me!) subscription box called the Doodle box here! Each month they send you all the materials needed to make handmade greeting cards! You’ll get colouring cards, envelopes, stamps, stationary like pens and other embellishments to add to your personalized cards to make them special from you to your special someone. In this box;

  1. Canvas tote – super cute Halloween trick or treat tote to colour!
  2. Embellishments – we got 2 FirstClass stamps, tons of stickers, sparkles, Halloween style confetti, so many cute things to add to a card to make it that much more fun!
  3. Washi tape – loving these 2 washi tapes, never knew there were so many uses for washi tape, you can use it as decoration, tape, creat fun designs. We have a Halloween style black on and a gold glitter one!
  4. Colouring cards and envelopes
  5. Gel pens – my obsession in high school and still love them for colouring.

I also love how each month is a new theme! This was the October box so obviously perfect for Halloween. Up next we have the Christmas box with lots of cards, stickers and gift tag items! Such a perfect subscription for kids who are artistic, love colouring and a great way to keep the kids busy! Only $8.99 a month plus $2 to ship in the US. Be sure to check out the website for adult stationary and greeting cards as well! Order here;

Crafty Crates


Love working on little Pinterest projects? Crafty Crates is just that! A DIY kit sent to you monthly with all the tools to create a fun project. Nothing like creating your own home decor, handmade by yours truly! Fun to work on yourself or with the kids, or order a bunch and get a group of ladies with a bottle of wine and craft away as a group! 

Here is the September box, and loooook what we have! A Dreamcatcher! Yes! I love dreamcatchers! I have no idea how to make one so thankfully we have some instructions here. Looks simple enough with all the tools you’ll need like beads and feathers. Past months have had a henna project, candle and coming up next is a faux stained glass project! 

Starting at only $27.45 if you bulk up! So work on that new hobby, craft or skill and be happy with the work of art you created! Order here;

Homemade Lux


I love DIY boxes! So fun sitting down with a cup of tea and doing a fun project at home on the couch! This is the HomemadeLuxe box. Each month they will send you everything you need to make that months Pinterest style project! I know that I have tons of pins on my board of projects I’d love to try, but the hard part is actually going out and getting all the pieces! I love this subscription and how they send you all the bits and pieces to get your project underway. This is last months project the floral pallet sign. You have 2 options which I like that they give you the option! Either dark board with light writing or the opposite, depending on what you prefer! You can also use your own colours to create something completely different! Only thing you require before starting this project is a glue gun, which you can also buy in their online store! The instructions are easy to follow as well which is helpful.

Starting at only $25.99 a box plus shipping. Use code GRAM2016 for 10% off. Like one of their past projects? You can buy just those for about $29-32! I love some of their past projects like the Succulent Terrarium, the Starburst Mirror, loooove the Marbled Hexagon Clock soooooooo cute! My fav of theirs is the macrame owl, I’m a huge fan of hanging macrame projects, and this one looks super cute! So stop pinning and start making as the owner would say! Coming up next? Monogrammed cutting board and coasters! FUN! Order here;




You know what I’ve jumped on the bandwagon with recently? PenPaling! I haven’t had a PenPal in about 15 years and now all of a sudden I have 5! Perfect addition to my latest craze? DeskFixx! Satisfying my fix for stationary galore! Washi tape, note pads, planners, pens, post-its…. I love it all! Working a 9-5 job I get bored using our yellow post it’s, our black pens, groan. I want to express myself with pink and purples! I want bright colours to keep my mood up to last the day! DeskFixx let’s you spruce up your boring cubicle or home office with new and exciting stationary and office supply items! What’s in this box;

  1. Notepad – super cute zebra notepad
  2. Notebook – loving this strawberry book, funny as I already had one!
  3. Post it’s – fluorescent yellow and purple shoes, haha so random
  4. Washi tape – I realized I lost the only other one I had and need some for my up and coming letters going out! 
  5. Clips – not your regular paper clips
  6. Eraser – musssstard yellow
  7. Cards – perfect for penpaling, will write on the back of these! 
  8. Pens, pencils and highlighter – that lollipop is a pen! Never knew until a second glance! 

They have a few different subscription options. The DeskFixx regular subscription has 10+ items for $29.99 a month. They DeskFixx Mini has 5+ items for $15.99. They also have the same two options but for DeskFixxKids! Lastly and sooo awesome. They have a business subscription for all your company needs! There is the Basic Plan: 6 large legal pads, 6 small legal pads, dozen pens, dozen pencils, 6 post-it note pads, 6 highlighters, 6 correction tapes, box of staples, 4 boxes of paperclips, and 3 tape refills for only $44.99 and the same but higher quality items in the Luxe plan for $69.99. They also have a Summer Special of only $10 for your first month & free shipping! Don’t forget to check out their online store! Order here;

Brand E BIY


My favourite DIY box to date! I went ahead and tried this project out from Brand E BIY  right away and had so much fun and looooved the end result! Be sure to look at my second photo on Instagram to see how well it turned out! It’s a BIY box which means Build it Yourself! I love little projects like this. And I’m happy with all the tools and instructions as well. I have lots of the paint leftover for future projects now which is handy, and the hammer, scissors and paint brush can be used over and over again, they aren’t even cheap quality! 

From a chalk paint and painting class company to a subscription box to create your own! Love the concept! I’m a big fan of Pinterest so this is what it reminds me of. It’s just frustrating having to go out and find all the tools, bits and pieces for a project so the fact that everything is ready to go in this box makes me happy and one I would definitely turn to in the future. I checked out what projects the worked on in the past in class and loved all the fun end results so anticipate that the BIY box will be similar! 

Only $47 a month to get your projects started! Order here;