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BohoBabe Box


Do you live and love the bohemian lifestyle? Are you a boho obsessed? Laid back, easy going, carefree and one with nature? The BohoBabe Box is perfect for all you ladies who love the hippy boho chic era that we’ve fallen into. Girls with flower crowns, feathers galore, crop tops and flowing skirts. I’m a boho wannabe myself, love the look but can’t quite dress to match the lifestyle! I’m loving this box, it’s super fun and adorable. This box is a welcome box with a combo from past boxes from the April and January boxes with items that will promote happiness, free spirit and good vibes. They have 2 boxes to choose from. There is the BohoBabe mini box with 2-3 items worth $40+, and the BohoBabe Signature box with 4-6 items worth $75+. You can expect to find clothing, accessories, home decor, bath & beauty products, incense, candles, snacks and more! In this box;

  1. Not all who wander are lost necklace – super adorable necklace that is 3 tiered in bronze, silver and gold.
  2. Vegan leather traveler’s notebook – super cute notebook with a wrap around it, great for writing all your adventures
  3. Vegan leather feather headwrap – perfect accessory for the festival go-er.
  4. Lavendar Sorbet Flowering Green Tea by PinkyUp – what an adorable label! I couldn’t wait to open it and try it out, flowering tea is so fun!
  5. Feather Dreamcatcher – I’m a big dream catcher fan and have them on all my door handles!
  6. Hand painted feather by PaperLoveBugs – a cute little gold dipped feather, cruelty-free of course!

Get the BohoBabe Mini box for only $19.99 and the Signature box for only $39.99 a box with free shipping for both.  Love items from their past boxes? Lucky you! They have an online store as well, loving the Geometric Air Plant Holder, the flower kimono and the Indian Mandala floor poof, I’m sure you will too so check them out! I love how they give back as well. They spread love and positive energy by giving back and donating 1% of sales to the charity of your choice! Order here;

BetterU Box – November


Always happy when my BetterU box arrives! They never fail to disappoint with all the new items to test out! I would have to say the BetterU box is one of my fav boxes to get each month. They are one of the only ones that consistently introduces me to products I actually want! The BetterU box is a monthly subscription that provides you with the tools for health and wellness while motivating you to cleanse your mind, body and soul. You can expect 6-10 items of either full or sample sizes that are vegan, non-gmo, plant based, natural and organic! You might see some edibles, supplements, spiritual items and more! In the November box we had;

  1. Bach Rescue Pastilles – so random, my sister made me take one of these when I sprained my ankle a few days ago. Couldn’t have come at a better time! These little suckers help take the edge off those stressful times.
  2. TinyHouseBigFarm – I love this company! I had the pleasure of trying them out once before and looooove their products! This pumpkin cream cheese body whip is the best smelling thing… ever.
  3. Moon Soul soap – I’ve this adorable soap in the shape of a diamond. Vegan and made with essential oils of course.
  4. Ginger Chews – these are great to have on hand for an upset stomach or to help with digestion. 3 little ginger chews and 1 ginger honey packet of crystals to make a hot or cold drink.
  5. GlitterZen golden quartz – This healer stone is good for joy, peace and spirit. Flowing thru the body and clearing any blockages.
  6. Lucia’s Candle Cottage – mmm pumpkin spice candle, organic and natural of course!
  7. Pura Vida bracelet – love these bracelets, have a few now but this moon one is super cute!
  8. Smarty pants vitamin sample – tried these before and like them!
  9. Louise Hay affirmation cards – 2 cards of affirmation to encourage positivity.

For as little as $27 a month with free shipping and use code BETTERU25 – for 25% off. Order here;

Lunar Box – March Box – Spring Equinox



Lunar Box is a monthly subscription from MoonRise Tribe of spiritual wellness products, to nurture the body, mind and spirit. You can expect 3 treasures for beauty & wellness, full of energy to guide your journey of spirituality. The Spring Equinox box is all about renewal, connection, and the colorful unfolding of this beautiful season, time to bloom! In this box you can expect;

  1. BehatiLife Money & Abundance Magnet Oil – With a blend of Bergamot (protection, beauty & abundance), Basil (luck, wealth & abundance), Patchouli (prosperity & wealth) and Thyme (money & luck) this Reiki (guided life force energy) infusion oil will attract luck and abundance, positive energy as well as uplift your spirits and bring peace of mind. (Bonus from their April box!)
  2. MoonBeam Dust – Moonbeam Dust is made up of lavender husks, white sage, fairy dust, and magic. Use this positive energy charged dust by sprinkling it in the tub, forest, in a candle, or during meditation  or Spring Equinox Ceremony for you to perform.
  3. Lip & Cheek Cream by Erzulie – This tart pink cream is gluten free, natural and mineral based, perfect to get that natural beauty in your lips and cheeks.
  4. Spirit Quartz – In the metaphysical world, Spirit Quartz is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. Spiritually uplifting and radiating energy in all directions, perfect to aligning the aura, chakras, and the physical body by cleansing, removing negativity and bringing you clarity on your spiritual journey.

Check out their blog to find out more about Reiki – A form of energetic healing that balances the energy centers in our body. It is effective in improving physical, mental, and emotional states.

Benefits of Reiki

  • Alleviates pain, insomnia, and emotional stress
  • Aides in healing illness and disease
  • Reduces anxiety, panic attacks, depression
  • Aides in healing digestive issues
  • Promotes deeper relaxation
  • Eliminates emotional and physical toxins
  • Boosts your sense of well-being
  • Enhances spiritual connection
  • Opens you up to having more fun

Get your box today for $34.00 a month and 20% off with code MOONBEAM;