Doodle Art by Crafty Kizzy


Love to spend your day doodling? Feeling artsy and craftsy? Super cute kids (or adults if your young at heart like me!) subscription box called the Doodle box here! Each month they send you all the materials needed to make handmade greeting cards! You’ll get colouring cards, envelopes, stamps, stationary like pens and other embellishments to add to your personalized cards to make them special from you to your special someone. In this box;

  1. Canvas tote – super cute Halloween trick or treat tote to colour!
  2. Embellishments – we got 2 FirstClass stamps, tons of stickers, sparkles, Halloween style confetti, so many cute things to add to a card to make it that much more fun!
  3. Washi tape – loving these 2 washi tapes, never knew there were so many uses for washi tape, you can use it as decoration, tape, creat fun designs. We have a Halloween style black on and a gold glitter one!
  4. Colouring cards and envelopes
  5. Gel pens – my obsession in high school and still love them for colouring.

I also love how each month is a new theme! This was the October box so obviously perfect for Halloween. Up next we have the Christmas box with lots of cards, stickers and gift tag items! Such a perfect subscription for kids who are artistic, love colouring and a great way to keep the kids busy! Only $8.99 a month plus $2 to ship in the US. Be sure to check out the website for adult stationary and greeting cards as well! Order here;

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