Hey Gluten Free 


Looking for great tasty and fun new Gluten Free options for food and snacks? Check out the Gluten Free Box! Each month you’ll get 7-10 new products from different companies. You’ll find only the best gluten free, soy free, corn free, low sugar and non-GMO. In this box;

  1. Forager Project chips – organic greens vegetable chips! First time trying or seeing this brand, nice it’s a massive bag too! 
  2. Natural Sins pineapple crisps – love these! How fun to have another fruit chip besides just apple! 
  3. Mama chia – super fun squeeze pouches filled with chia and goodness! 
  4. Rawxies – these are tasty little heart shaped raw treats, this one is chocolate brownie. Yum! 
  5. Leap smoothie bowl – filled with healthy ingredients like kale, spinach, chlorella, coconut…
  6. Skinny Crisps – big bag of these toasted sesame crisps.
  7. Klippys old fashioned oatmeal – drooool how yummy! Lovely handcrafted cookies!
  8. Kala fava beans – tropical curry flavours fava beans. 
  9. Jessica’s muffin mix – teff and oat flour mix for making your own GF mix. 

Only $29.95 to start discovering new treats! Use code SBGHGP30 for 30% off and free shipping! Order here;


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