One Sweet Box


Looking for those hard to find sugary sweets? This is one heck a Sweet Box subscription full of and assortment of 7+ different, rare and delicious candies and sweets from around the world. I opened this box to see some very familiar brands but in flavours I never even knew existed! From Canada to across the world you can expect full sized items like chocolate bars, bubble gum, caramels, cookies and more! In this box we have;

  1. Jelly Donut Oreo – Wow… these look delicious, I can’t believe how many flavors of Oreo’s there are out there, I just heard about some cookie butter ones which I HAVE to try! Anyone know where to find them to satisfy my new obsession with cookie butter.
  2. Matcha Flavoured Orion Choco Pie – These are from South Korea and are comparable to Wagon Wheels from here, yum!
  3. Tropical Starburst – I love starburst, bursting with flavor and these are the best flavors by faaaar! One tastes just like a pina colada!
  4. Strawberry Gummies – These little sweet burst of juicy strawberry goodness are from China and super yummy! I would buy these again!
  5. 77 Nougat – I’m a big fan of nougat, this one is strawberry and chocolate.
  6. Cold Stone Creamery Candy Cone – A mini candy cone that won’t melt in your hand!
  7. Bottle Caps – An old fav of many people, in all the original flavors like cola and root beer!
  8. Mini Vanilla Cow Tails – Yummy sweet cream filled caramels! Betcha can’t eat just one!

Starting at only $23 a month plus shipping and keeping you intrigued for months to come! This is a Canadian subscription available to Canadians and our lovely southern US neighbours! Order here;


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