The folks over at Graze sure are creative and passionate about their snacks. If you want a new snack pack delivered to your office weekly then this is the box for you! With over 100 snack options ranging from those that prefer sweet or salty, dips or dippers, hot or cold, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free,… the list goes on! Each month you can get a box with 8 different little packs of treats that are filling and healthy and great for a quick pick me up at the office, a little nibble while on a trail, perfect to keep the kids busy, they’re really great for any time and convenient to take with you! Be sure to fill out what you definitely do not want, what you like and what you want to try to give them hints at what to send you! Try the FlapJack’s they are amaaaaazing delicious! In this box we got;

  1. Summery Berry Compote – These were yummy whole wheat shortbread style cookie with a berry compote filled with raspberries, strawberries and black currents.
  2. Grilled Cheese – Loved these mustard breadsticks and cheddar cheese bruschetta crackers with smoked almonds.
  3. Soy Roasted Seeds – I’m not typically a fan of seeds, but this was a good mix of roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds.
  4. Chia Choconut Cookie & Tea – Interesting mix of black tea and a coconut chia cookie for dipping!
  5. Sweet Rhubarb Jam – A super yummy mix of deliciously dried rhubarb slices, cranberries and apple pieces.
  6. Kettlecorn Kern Pops – A mix of sweet and salty half popped corn kernels!
  7. Peach Cobbler – Ohhh yum! We have amaretti cookie drops which are so fun! Peach fruit drops made with peach puree! Almond slivers and yogurt coated sunflower seeds.
  8. Sweet Mustard Ranch – A yummy combo of salted pretzels, YUM! Mustard breadsticks, again but also yummy, and sour cream and onion flavored cashews which is a funny but yummy combo!

Only $13.99 and you get your first box for half off… but wait! Use code ZPWL69QYB  to get a free sampler box as well as your 5th box for FREE;


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