Homemade Lux


I love DIY boxes! So fun sitting down with a cup of tea and doing a fun project at home on the couch! This is the HomemadeLuxe box. Each month they will send you everything you need to make that months Pinterest style project! I know that I have tons of pins on my board of projects I’d love to try, but the hard part is actually going out and getting all the pieces! I love this subscription and how they send you all the bits and pieces to get your project underway. This is last months project the floral pallet sign. You have 2 options which I like that they give you the option! Either dark board with light writing or the opposite, depending on what you prefer! You can also use your own colours to create something completely different! Only thing you require before starting this project is a glue gun, which you can also buy in their online store! The instructions are easy to follow as well which is helpful.

Starting at only $25.99 a box plus shipping. Use code GRAM2016 for 10% off. Like one of their past projects? You can buy just those for about $29-32! I love some of their past projects like the Succulent Terrarium, the Starburst Mirror, loooove the Marbled Hexagon Clock soooooooo cute! My fav of theirs is the macrame owl, I’m a huge fan of hanging macrame projects, and this one looks super cute! So stop pinning and start making as the owner would say! Coming up next? Monogrammed cutting board and coasters! FUN! Order here;



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