One Sweet Box


Looking for those hard to find sugary sweets? This is one heck a Sweet Box subscription full of and assortment of 7+ different, rare and delicious candies and sweets from around the world. I opened this box to see some very familiar brands but in flavours I never even knew existed! From Canada to across the world you can expect full sized items like chocolate bars, bubble gum, caramels, cookies and more! In the August box we have;

  1. Tim Tams – not your regular TT’s! These ones are from Australia in Salted Caramel & Vanilla flavour! 
  2. Grape Gummies – huge bag of these yummy treats. 
  3. Hi-Chew – lychee flavour?! Whaaaa. Love it. 
  4. Trolli – triple berry and super sour gummi worms! Can only have 2 at a time! 
  5. Tiramisu KitKat – not a fan of kitkats usually but this flavour is yummy. 
  6. Caramel M&M’s – holy…. my new fav snack perhaps? These are delicious, I left them in my car for a special after work treat. Sorry friends, not sharing these! 
  7. BBQ PayDay – how random of a flavour, but smokey and yummy! 

Starting at only $23 a month plus shipping and keeping you intrigued for months to come! This is a Canadian subscription available to Canadians and our lovely southern US neighbours! Order here;

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