The Happy Parcel


Feeling outdoorsy? So is the Happy Parcel! They send you fun and tasty items sure to keep you inspired, motivated and smiling. So don’t worry! Be happy! And jump on the Happy Parcel bandwagon! I’m a VanCity west coast girl so am happy to support my southern WC neighbors down in Oregon, also one of my fav places! Each month you’ll get 6-8 products from local, small businesses in Oregon. I love supporting new companies so am a happy camper with this subscription! In this box;

  1. Kombucha Wonder Drink – I was so quick to take this pick and crack this open! Asian Pear & Ginger was enticing to me and I really liked it! It tasted like a soda pop / kombucha so not as bitter as I’m used to. 
  2. Liberty water bottle – this is a wicked twist off water bottle that’ll be perfect my mama and her new bike, just clip it on and go! 
  3. Conundrum trail mix – a love mix of nuts and seeds and fruits, perfect for a hike! 
  4. Alaskan Manly Man lip balm – keep those lips soft while enjoying the outdoors. 
  5. Betty Lou’s probiotic bites – a yummy little dark chocolate bar that’s good for your digestive system! 
  6. Happy Trails sticker – super cute to put on your laptop or hiking gear! 

Only $34.95 a month with free shipping so support your locals, West Coast or not! Want $10 off? Just join their mailing list and like them on Facebook! Order here;


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