Lady Boss Loot


The ultimate entrepreneur box for all the ladies of the world! Because, who run the world? GIRLS! I gotta say. I was very impressed with my first Lady Boss Loot box, so jam packed with goodies! This box is for the ladypreneurs, helping them find their way through their finances, their businesses, and more. For the go-getter, helping you find your purpose and providing the self-help you need. Each month you can expect a female written book or planner, some office supplies, perhaps some body items and snacks as well as an item that supports a cause for women and children around the world. Something awesome? You get access to the membership dashboard including online courses, girl boss groups and discounts! You’ll get business tips, and the ability to collaborate with other ladies! In this box;

  1. Leather Wallet – my fav item in the box for sure! I have this exact one but black so already loooove the style and the colour is perfect for my taste! I love oversized chunky wallets, they hold everything! 
  2. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin – I was enticed immediately to crack this open and start reading. I was waiting in a long ferry lineup so it was the perfect opportunity. This book is great for any woman or anyone wanting to get a handle on their spending and saving habits, something I need very much in my life right now. The best part? It’s relatable. 
  3. MamaB Caramels – I know that I always go on and on about how much I love caramels, but guess what, these are a new fav! There were actually 2 in this box and I never actually got a chance to take the photo before devouring the other one! Muahahaha! Oops! 
  4. Budget book & pencils – super handy to stay on budget by actually seeing how much your spending everywhere.  Love the miniature Tiffany blue pencils too! 
  5. Hand in Hand Lip balm – love this company, for every product purchased then provide a month of clean water to children in need plus a bar of soap! 
  6. Ugly Mug Saving Grace Coffee – a yummy fair trade Coffee from Tennessee. 
  7. Coral Sugar Scrub by Hand In Hand Soaps – mmm smells so good! 
  8. Vag Magic – haha, I took a double take at the name of the product and was immediately curious as to what it was. Simply put its meant to balance your lady bits pH levels. 

Only $45 a month plus free shipping. Seems like a great deal to me to become the lady boss you want to be! Check out their market place and buy past boxes (this one is sold out already! Hot commodity!). Don’t forget to check out their blog too! So many great ideas to be the best you can be for yourself and your business. Order here;

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