Bathing Beauty Box 


I’ve been trying to relax a little more and I always start with a nice hot bath with some epsom salt, body scrub, a face masque, a good book and of course a nice glass of wine! The Bathing Beauty Box is a super cute new bathing and beauty product box, lovely gift for yourself or mama or girlfriend! It’s themed and super fun with 2-3 full sized bath products PLUS 3-4 extra items. You might find bath bombs, soaks, scrubs, lip balm, face masques and more! In this box;

  1. Strawberry Bubble Bath Bar – Mmm smells so good, wasn’t sure if it was a bath bomb until I gave it a feel and oh so smooth and smells like chocolate covered strawberries!
  2. Strawberry Bath Bomb – Ahhh here’s the bath bomb! Not usually a fan of these but they are growing on me!
  3. Pink Himalayan Bath Salts – Smells so nice with the dried roses! Fancy!
  4. Bubble Lipcious Butter Balm – Nice little balm for your lips, can’t forget about those while your relaxing in the tub!
  5. Champagne Flute – fun for your cocktail while relaxing in the bath
  6. Hair Ties – Ohhhh y’all know these are favs of mine!
  7. Skeleton Key bottle opener – I didn’t know this was a bottle opener, how fun! I’d wear it as a necklace!
  8. Bubbles – A little fun item to add to your relaxing bath, or perfect to keep the kids distracted while you indulge and relax!

So start enjoy those suds a little more with a lovely smelling and good feeling box, curated with your relaxation in mind. Starting at only $22.50 a month plus free shipping. Order here;


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