Alpha Outpost – June Orion Box


Merrrrca! Happy 4th of July! Okay all you manly men, American boys, this might just be the perfect box for you. The Alpha Outpost never ceases to amaze me, and last months Orion box for June was amazing! Are you big on hunting? Caught a deer and ready for the next step? Orion is the mythical huntsman, and the theme for last month to ensure you have everything you need to prep your next caught prize. Truly the ultimate gift for the man in your life. Once again the quality surpassed what I would expect in a typical box. Like I mentioned before, I have never seen such creative themes, with awesome past boxes including the SurvivorBox, the GentlemensBox, the V.E.G.A., the MedicBox and the HostageSurvivorBox, they just keep getting better and better and with this intense tools comes a website link to get some training on how to use them. Hard to say what my fav box has been so far but this is def up there for level of awesomeness. What’s in this box;

  1.  Orion Field Dressing Kit – not one, not two, but FOUR knives! And not just any knives! We have a gut-hook skinner knife – this is the one to slice the meat away. We have the bone saw – T-shaped with an easy grip handle. The caping knife – this is compared to a surgeons scalpel, and super useful for those small cuts! T-Handle deers skinner – this one makes me sad, buuuuut as long as you are not wasting any of the animal then I’m okay with hunting!
  2. Knife holder – this holds all 4 knives with ease and quick snaps to get them out.
  3. Whetstone – important to have if you are using your knives all the time, useless having a dull knife.
  4. Gambrel – Didn’t know what this was until I saw the pictures, super useful to hang your caught prize and do all your work!

The box also comes with a manual which tells you how to track deer, how to use the whetstone, how to preserve your meat, how to use the gambrel and more! They send you far more than double the value of the box. Get yours starting at $34.95 a month plus $6.95 shipping. Across seas in the military? They got you covered too. Order here;

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