Snack Sack


Mmmmm I love SnaaaackSaaack. Can’t believe how many products they jam pack into this box! Let them search out your new fav treats, always surprised with their ability to continually find new companies and new flavors as I can’t find any of these products in stores usually! Another impressive month here and still a top 5 fav company of mine for sure. Their products are natural, junk-free and are all or some of the following; organic or all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, fair-trade, vegan or gluten-free. In this box;

  1. Banza chickpea pasta – Ohhh yes, I love how it’s gluten free and a full sized item! Mmmm and who doesn’t love mac and cheese?!
  2. RawRev – I’m a big fan of this company, they are my top 3 fav snack bars.
  3. XyliChew – fancy gum, could always use that!
  4. Vegan Robs wild rice chips – perfect with a little hummus!
  5. Figgy Pops – I love Made in Nature, so was happy with these chocolatey coconutty balls.
  6. Bunch of Crunches – Granola for my yogurt, yum!
  7. Wise Popcorn – perfect sized snack pack for work
  8. Dang coconut chips – I usually love all things coconut but I’m not a big fan of the flavor of these
  9. Cookie Thins – Yuuuum, and cake batter yummmm again!
  10. Fusion trail mix – tropical dried fruit for a nice hiking snack!
  11. Kala fava beans – Such a weird concept and flavor but fun!
  12. ParmCrisps – mmm yummy little parm cheese crisps to dip or eat on their own!
  13. Peanut Butter & Co – mmm a nice helping of dark chocolate pb.
  14. FiordiFrutta – yummy samples of jam, perfect with the pb above on the rice chips! 

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