Bonding Bees


Looking for your next great date night? Couples retreat to the Bonding Bees box! Made to bring couples closer together with fun and exciting activities and conversations starters to build on your existing relationship. Each month they want you to Gather, Give & Grow. Gather together at least once a month while Giving each other your undivided attention to be able to Grow together as a couple. This months theme is A Night in Paris, the City of Love! 

This months date night ideas includes a painting project. Work together to create a bigger picture, two halves of a heart, two halves of a bridge. Whatever speaks to you. I love that they includes a fun art piece, you’ll get to see those creative juices flowing, and how well you work together. 

We also have a sweet treat, a bag of mini chocolate chips to melt over the candle for a little fondue fun, I went with s’mores and chocolate dipped raspberries. Yum! 

They also includes a super adorable custom magnet! I had completely forgot that they requested the photo of the boyfriend and I so was pleasantly surprised when I opened this box to see a photo of us, perfect on the fridge and such an amazing touch! Thank you! 

They also include some other activities including a recipe to make crepes, a French connection to match up lingo, as well as the 5 love languages which if you’ve read my past posts you know is something that is very important to me, so go ahead, ask them what theirs is so you can ensure your both happy! And to set the mood? A playlist on Spotify (my fav!) with some really great music.

Starting at only $27.74 a month for a 6 month subscription and up from there, bit don’t worry, your relationship will thank you! Order here;

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