Wanderlust Box by Bikini.com


Clearly a new favourite of mine! Seriously! Let me introduce you to The Wanderlust subscription from Bikini.com! Every quarter you’ll receive a box inspired by a new destination filled to the brim with fashion, travel, beauty, style and fitness items! You’ll also get a little book with a blurb on that months destination, suggestions to have he best experiment (playlist, reading list, recipe, must see/do list) so perfect to feel like your actually on a mini vacation! 

This box is inspired by the Hamptons, and jam packed with so many amazing items! My reaction was priceless opening it up because it just never ended! I had to take this picture quickly because I wanted to start using all these products right away. Surprisingly I have only heard of 1/16 of these companies too, which is rare! In this box;

  1. Equal active water bottle – super cute, leak proof glass bottle to stay hydrated this hot summer.
  2. Starwood Sports peanut massage ball – perfect little massage ball to release tension and pain.
  3. Aloha wet bag – super cute and useful little splash proof travel bag. Wet bikini? Sunscreen? Perfect place to keep it safe without ruining your beach bag! 
  4. Kimberly Parry Organics cleansing oil – love this clary sage and Rosemary cleanser. Perfect way to get off all the makeup and dirt after a night on the town!
  5. Herbivore Botanicals rose hibiscus facial mist – need a balance after the cleanser? This mist is soooo refreshing and will get you feeling hydrated and smooth skinned! 
  6. Adoratheraphy mood boost spray – want a boost of good mood feelings? Spritz a little of this mix of lavender, ylang ylang, blood orange and more!
  7. Viter Energy Mints – need a caffeine boost? These mints contains 40mg of caffeine! Perfect! 
  8. Goddess Garden sunscreen – a must for those beach days, and a natural plant based brand! 
  9. Ecco Bella tinted lip smoother – vitamin E filled lip smoother to ensure your lips are smooth and moisturized!
  10. Hello Hair mask – oh fun! I’ve never tried a hair mask before! Coconut, Almond and Argan oils, all so good! 
  11. Henne Organics rose diamond lip exfoilator – so fancy! I used this right away and felt the difference, definitely keeps those lips smooth and kissable! Pucker up! 
  12. Transcendent Beauty skincare kit – love this 4 piece set that is meant to keep those wrinkles away! Put one on my scar and am already seeing a difference which is making me feel quite thankful! 
  13. Hello Wander luggage tag and passport cover – travel in style with this chic matching set! 
  14. Olive + Piper – I absolutely love this Talia Y Necklace! It’s so delicate and dainty! And super sexy!
  15. Pretty Robes – loving this silky sexy robe, ‘Morning Sunshine’ soooo cute!

This subscription is a steal and will make you feel soooo spoiled! Only $75 a quarter and worth over $250 – this one is worth $290!!!! Want to save an extra $50? Buy a full year subscription to save an extra $50, and free shipping! You can’t go wrong ladies, indulge! I am so curious as to the what the upcoming boxes are going to be! They have Santorini and Maui coming up,… ummm send me one pretty please!!!! Order here;


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