Chocolate obsessed? This box is filled with  chocolate galore! ChocoCurb is a gourmet chocolate subscription, sending you premium chocolates that you likely haven’t even seen in stores as they are sourced from all over the world. I am a huge chocolate fan so this is right up my alley, plus I’ve only heard of one of these companies which I love, and the variety is perfect! In this box;

  1. Theo lemon – mmm I love the Theo brand, such good chocolate, loving the hint of lemon here! 
  2. Pitch dark the jasmine tea – a matcha tea and nib – never tried a matcha chocolate before! Love the tea inspired line! 
  3. Rain Puddles Spring surprise – coconut, Almond and sea salt dark chocolate truffle bar – mmmm cocococonutty goodness! 
  4. Mayana chocolate Cloud Nine- okay… these are marshamallow, salted caramel and dark chocolate, could there be anything more exquisite in the world?
  5. Fran’s – smoked salt caramels in milk chocolate – holy smokes these 3 mini caramels are so smooth and tasty!

Starting at $20 for the mini box of 3 and $35 for the classic which has 5-7 different chocolates. Looking for 10% off your first box? Use code BOXGIRL. Like something you tried or want more? They have an online shop as well to find some tasty chocolates! Now I just need a little red wine and cheese and we are set! Order here;

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