Lust Box


Lust Box is a gentlemens subscription box with 4 quality items worth over $130 for only $40 a box. Focusing on the details and ensuring you look stylish and dapper every day. They will introduce you to new brands, and new looks to keep everyone guessing… who dresses him every morning?! Let them be your personal stylist, keeping you in the know of the latest trends. Loving some of the past boxes, not only can you expect the usual socks and ties, but also some fun items like tie clips, accessories, shave oil… who knows! In this box;

  1. Socks – oooo I’m keeping these for sure! Totally adorable bicycle socks! 
  2. Tie – probably one of the sexiest ties I’ve got, this one for some reason I loooove, I just wanna wrap it around a fellas neck and… oh sorry, back to the review! 
  3. Pocket square – perfectly white and crisp and always good to have! 
  4. Phone clasp – these are great! Just stick it on the back of your phone to carry or hold up ur device with no hands!

Be sure to check out their online show, because you can either subscribe or create your own box! Only $40 a month and ships worldwide for free from Norway! Order here;

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