Care Crate


I had such a big smile on my face while opening this box. Care Crate definitely impressed with with a huge box full of new and exciting full sized items I had never tried or heard of before! Ladies, you can’t go wrong spoiling yourself, friends or family with this box. It’s so eloquent and pretty! Yes pretty!  Each month you can expect 4-6 items that are sure to keep you smiling. In this box;

  1. CapriBlue Candle – such a beautiful watercolour, and such a tropical and beachy scent! Makes me feel relaxed jumping into this box! This is the petite in colour Volcano. Love it! 
  2. MrsCalls Caramels – you can’t tell from this pic, but I already opened the box and ate half of these delicious Macadamia Nut Clusters! Muahaha. You all know my weakness is caramels, so no judgements. I even teased myself by staring at videos of caramels… I have issues! 
  3. Unforgettable Jules Necklace – this pineapple necklace is adorable. I’m loving Jule’s etsy store. Such dainty little pieces, I want one of each! Getting side tracked over here! 
  4. MeriMacs Macarons – I love macarons and get some every chance I get! So delicate, sweet and flavourful. I need to learn how to make these! Loving these spring colours, such yummy French gluten free delights! Mmm my fav? Caramel Apple. Yum! 
  5. Luv London Scrub – loving the packing and loving the product! We have a natural sugar scrub here, and a ton of it! Mmm they have so many scents to try on their site! Yuummm gingerbread and brown sugar? 

Although this box is meant to send to someone needing a little love, I think it’s the perfect spoil yourself box! Not looking for a subscription? Check out their one time purchase crates. They have tons of options whether your buying for a Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Get Well or I Love You style box! Want a little of everything? Build your own crate! Bonus, they donate 5% of sales to charities! Charity they chose? Lifting Hands which provides relief to refugees in Greece! Only $40 a month for their subscription with free shipping. Or their one time boxes are $29-55. Order here;

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