Snack It 


The whole reason I started this blog was to try new things, my curiosity for sweet treats got the best of me and so this box is right up my alley! The Snack It box brings you 10 delicious sweet and salty treats from all over the world each month and I’m going to go ahead and guess they’re ones you’ve likely never tried before! The options are endless for what yummy treats you’ll get next month! Gummies, chips, chocolates, crunchy treats and more! In this box;

  1. Takis Fuego Tortilla Chips – hot chili pepper & lime flavoured – 
  2. Antonelli Croissant – this custard cream filled 
  3. Pocky – Chocolate Banana flavour? Whaa? This banana cream covered chocolate stick 
  4. Jao Kae Noi Big Roll – this is a grilled seaweed rolls with BBQ sauce flavour 
  5. Sour Power Sortz sour straws – mmm I love sour straws 
  6. Lucas Salsagheti – so random! This is a watermelon flavour hot candy with tamarind flavour sauce, so weird! 
  7. Umaibo baked corn stick – oh man this is just weird, I can’t even! 
  8. Black Thunder – mmm k this is a decent chocolate covered cookie bar. No complaints.
  9. Flame – yum! A hazelnut cream filled wafer – so tasty!
  10. Nutella – I’ve only tried this a few times and seriously it’s freaked delicious and addicting! I wanted to eat all 3 mini’s in one sitting but am trying hard to restrain myself! Yummm! 

Starting at only $18.99 a month with free shipping in the US and $2 off when you sign up for their newsletter! Want more? Add the mystery item for an extra $5.99 which is a snack and drink item! Pretty good deal for having them source out such amazing snack for you each month! Check out their Instagram post for a chance to win a free month  Order here;

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