D.Kay by Tina Renee


Candles on candles on candles folks! This is the D.Kay luxury candle subscription by Tina Renee and perfect for the candle obsessed! Each month they’ll send you 3 signature 7oz candles! They are soy candles which are the only way to go. Soy candles are environmentally friendly, aren’t toxic and provide clean burns. They sent 4 short and 2 large candles for the upcoming May subscription! These are great to put around the bath, around the house, indoors and outdoors. They all smell soooo good, super tropical smelling and fresh! They came in super cute boxes too! 

Each month they donate a portion of their sales to a new small charity which I love! This month’s is Empowering Women with Opportunity Through Education. Only $29.99 a month. Use code Tranquility for $5 off your box! Order here;


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