Victory Box


Saturday night and time to dress up boys! Loving the purple here, and that tie and lapel pin? On point! Victory Box, always ensuring ur man looks stylish and dapper enough to be your arm candy! Nothing better than a well dressed man, be sure to get him suited up and looking like a winner. 

  1. Tie – love this purple tie, great for the man that’s comfortable with his sexuality, and purple looks super sexy on guys with a crisp white shirt! 
  2. Lapel Pin – love the gold needle and leaf, adds so much more to the purple wool flower piece.
  3. Pocket square – lovely colours, but would stick with a classic white while pairing with the tie! 
  4. Black masque – oooo is this the one I’ve been seeing in all those online videos lately? Will have to test it out! Kinda nervous! 

Order your box today for only $16 and code WCFC5 for $5 off your 1st box! Order here;

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