Aloha Snack Pack


Aloha! Ahhh it doesn’t get more relaxing then a mini trip to Hawaii without even leaving my living room! Aloha Snack Pack is a tropical Hawaiian inspired subscription sending you to the beach with the warm sun in your face, sand in your toes, piña colada in hand… is it bad that I just back from vacation but could already use another? Simply pick from the snack pack or premium snack pack and sit back and let the treats and goodies from Hawaii’s tropical islands make their way to your door! Perhaps some Kona coffee, dried fruits, my faaaav mac chocolaaaates, and so much more! In this box;

  1. Hawaiian Host Kona Caramacs – ermergerrrrd drool! How do you not eat these all in one go? HH are one of my top fav chocolates, the perfect combo of chocolate, caramel and macadamian nuts! 
  2. Mochi-Pop popcorn – oh yum, can’t go wrong with buttery caramelly (is that a word???) coated popcorn. Perfect snack! 
  3. Passion fruit tea – oh what a perfect flavoured tea to bring your imagination to a relaxing sunny day on the beach? I prefer this iced and in a fancy cocktail glass with a little umbrella!
  4. Red Coconut Balls – never seen these before but they are a fun sweet treat! 
  5. Dried Hibiscus – these are great in cocktails or a sweet yummy treat! 

Starting at $17.99 for a year subscription of the snack pack and $35 for the premium which we have here, US shipping only! Order here;

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