Prims Way


Introducing you to a new jewelry subscription called Prims Way! Each month they will send you a piece of jewelry and a bunch of other goodies! Simply choose from the pre-selected options each month, so you actually get to view and choose which piece of jewelry you want each month when the theme is selected and choices given. You will see 4 options by a talented artist, so the love month of February we had Rose Miller and her 4 stunning rings which were a Bohemian style, I love you ring, a sunflower shaped and the one I chose and my favourite of course, the vintage which was stunning! They were all black gold ruby rings. In this box;

  1. Queen of Hearts Vintage Ruby Ring – how gorgeous is this ring! It’s the perfect fit and such a stunning style and colour. My favourite part is the cut, so lovely. 
  2. Cuccio Nail Polish – super sexy red nail polish that will look fab with the ring! Matchy matchy! 
  3. Strawberry & Champagne dark chocolate – keeping with the fanciness of this box we have a yummy and delicious flavour of chocolate!
  4. NV Candle – lovely smelling and purdy rose soy candle.

Overall this was a fun little box that is a nice gift for friends and something special to spoil yourself with every month! Only $35 a month. Order here;

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