Zen Box – February


I’m loving essential oils lately. Adding a couple drops to ease my morning commute to work really helps calm me down. Luckily the Zen Box sends you 3 bottles a month to add to your collection. You will typically get 2 therapeutic grade single Essential Oils and 1 Zen Blends each month. They are holistic, natural plant based oils that aid in the most common issues whether its anxiety, headaches, stress, and more! I use a little around the crown of my head when I’m super stressed at work too. So helpful! This month we got;
  1. Soothe & Purify diffuser blend – loving this combo that has clove, lavender, marjoram, magnolia, and mores it purifies the air and soothes the spirits! 
  2. Frankincense – great for relieving stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation. 
  3. Lemongrass – a nice refreshing and uplifting blend, I like combining this one with a drop of lavender and eucalyptus for the perfect morning drive combo. 

Sign up for their bimonthly subscription for only $32.85 a month with 27% off with code 27OFFZENBOX or you can do one a month too for $10.99 with free shipping. They send you bonus products yearly as well! They have zen points to collect, and don’t forget to get a diffuser! Order here;


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