The Preschool Box


Westy is loving his Preschool Box! Full of all the things he loves most! Stickers, puzzles, arts and crafts and books! This box is created by Kindergarten teachers and aims to help mould those growing minds, ideally for those aged 3-6 but all kids are different so whichever level you feel your child is at. Each month you can expect plenty of items like a full guide book with instructions, 4+ hands on crafts and activities, a book and stickers, and some other great learning tools. Some learning opportunities you’ll find in each box are letter and sound recognition, counting and numbers, shapes and colour and more! In this box we have;

  1. Book – Westy absolutely loves books, he’s such a quick learner and this book is very helpful for learning the alphabet and recognizing the alphabet and letters.
  2. Puzzle – Another favorite of Westy’s, he can finish a puzzle without even look at a picture of what it should look like!
  3. Stickers – Super cute robot and fishy stickers! These were used up in no time!
  4. Flash Cards – Letter of the Day – a fun way to learn new words, and pronounciation.
  5. Arts & Crafts – Insect crafts, jellyfish craft, learning new shapes,

Starting at only $29.95 a month or $44.95 for 2 kids, an extra $5 off if you sign up for a year! Getting creative with kids is hard enough, let them do the work for you! Something else great about them? Part of the proceeds go towards new school supplies and other necessities for children at the Rafiki Orphanage in Uganda, Africa. Order here;


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