Calcutta Kitchen - SAUCEscription


Even more delicious then how it looks! Loving this Indian simmer sauce by Calcutta Kitchens. They have a fun subscription called SAUCEscription where each month you’ll get 4 yummy Indian simmer sauces. Pick and choose or get one of each every month! They are great on rice with a side of naan or mixed in as a pasta sauce, in a soup, on a pizza, however! Made with all natural ingredients. They are all vegan, gluten free, dairy free and paleo except the first that is only vegetarian and gluten free. They have;

  1. Makhani Tikka – this one is a yummy tomatoey, tangy flavour with the taste of umami, mmmm buttery too!
  2. Coconut and Fresh Coriander – Can’t go wrong with this bold coconut milk rich flavour! Love the coriander and cilantro combo! 
  3. Bengali Coconut Cardamom – pictured above and my favourite for sure, soooo amazingly tasty! Smells and tastes so good.
  4. Parsi Cashew Ginger – yummy nutty and ginger! Bursting with flavour!  

Only $35.99 a month for all 4 or $9.99 each with free shipping for orders over $15 with code FREE15. Check out their recipes online as well! Order here;

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