My Staycation Box – New Orleans 


This was one of the most exciting boxes to open thus far. It was partially the name, My Staycation, I was so excited for a mini vacation in a box, and it was partly the location they chose; NEW ORLEANS! I have been thinking about a vacation this year and my top 3 desired destinations are Ireland, Chile & New Orleans! I guess this is a suggestion to go for the latter! I have been to New Orleans about 12 years ago for New Year’s so am aware of how amazing and fun it is, so this box also hit home for a trip down memory lane. The colours made me smile and all the contents truly represent that city. Staycation aims to bring you on a trip around the world, one destination at a time by exploring with all your senses. Each month you’ll get 6-8 items that let you get the true experience without leaving your living room. You’ll notice there are things for sight, taste, smell, sound… love it! In this box;

  1. Café Du Monde Beignet Mix – omg I’m drooling! My dad took me here and these beignets are truly to die for. I’m excited to try this recipe out, but nothing compares to the real thing. I wish I could close my eyes and be taken to their adorable outdoor patio now, a plate of beignets and a nice warm coffee on a sunny morning… ahhh yes, New Orleans here I come!
  2. Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix – oh my goodness, they truly know how to get the best of the city here! Something you must do is walk up and down Bourbon St, and obviously take advantage of the drinking in public. Be sure to check out one of their little windows kiosks where you can order a Hurricane or Grenade… so boozy, so fun. This makes me want to have a New Orleans themed party! 
  3. Essential New Orleans Jazz CD – I’ll never forget walking down the streets of New Orleans and walking by all the cool cafe and jazz bars. The sound of the most amazing jazz music. Don’t like jazz? You will after you experience it there. They have so much soul, so much love in their music. These cds have 50 songs too! 
  4. Car freshener – this is a New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade car air freshener, haha how random but fun. Would love to go during Mardi Gras! New Years was still unbelievable, the streets were jam packed!
  5. Lonely Planet pocket tour book – ahh the perfect little book for a trip around the city, even has a pull out map and suggestions on almost anything! What to see, do and eat all around town! 
  6. Beads and masks – obviously. Fun for  themed party, takes me back… not that I got many beads thou … muahaha 😉

Can’t wait to see their next box for March…  you’ll never guess what it is… IRELAND!!!! And coming up for April? Australia! Ummmm is the world trying to tell me something? This is 100% a box I would subscribe to. Plus you can order their past boxes! Lovely, as I’ve missed a few that I would love! Like the Jamaica box, I’ve been and what I see in that box perfectly sums it up! Starting at only $35 a month, much cheaper than a flight, and will maybe help you get the urge to actually take that trip you’ve always wanted. Order here;

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