Nature’s Tale


Oh I am just loving this eco-friendly, all natural and local Canadian subscription company full of organic and sustainable products – Nature’s Tale! Cute name for the company too, reminding you that they care about the environment and what you are putting in your body. This box was jam packed with full sized items I had never tried before (besides the Pur which I love!). Each month they send you 6-8 items, about 80% food items like cooking ingredients and snacks, and 20% household and personal items like lotions and soaps. You can expect some gluten free items, vegan items, and fair trade too. In this box;

  1. Vanilla Choco-Latte – How fun is this! Stone ground dark chocolate and whole vanilla pods that make the perfect warm or cold chocolatey drink. Never tried something like this before. They are fun round circles of chocolate.
  2. Fluf snack packs – I love the reusable snack bags, and these ones are organic, machine washable, water resistant and pretty darn adorable!
  3. Monkey Business chocolate and banana flavoured kale chips – How interesting! Checked out their website and well done folks! Full of nutrients, and dehydrated, these are a great on the go snack for a boost of energy. They have 6 flavors total, one is Cheesy made with nutritional yeast, my sister would love that one! They even have fun kale crumbs! Never heard of that before!
  4. Pur Gum – no aspartame in these bad boys! Yummy peppermint flavor!
  5. Lovacado – So funny, I instantly thought this was avocado oil for cooking! It’s not! It’s for your hair and skin! Whaaaaa?! High in Vitamin E it helps reduce frizzy hair, itchy skin and rough skin after shaving. Woot! Good to know! Haha
  6. Nomz Energy Bites – This little snack balls are full of good ingredients, fun pistachio flavor and healthy coconut oil. They have pecan, coconut, pistachio and hazelnut flavors. OMG the first 2 sound sooo yummy.
  7. Three Farmers Camelina Oil – Saw these guys on the Dragen’s Den (one of my fav shows to find new products!). This one is onion basil flavored and great on salads and cooking as they can tolerate high heat levels. Mmm their garlic and chili flavor sounds good too!

I love how they source from Canadian companies only, love it! Starting at only $45 a month with free shipping. Order here;


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