Sustain Natural


Ladies and gents don’t shy away from the topic. True confidence is being open with your sexuality and sex is in our nature! Don’t be shy, let’s talk about sex baby! All seriousness. If you can’t talk about it openly and comfortably then we got a problem. There’s no point wasting your life having bad sex so try your best to be forward on what you want, what you like, what you crave and what you hate. 

Why not start with some products from Sustain? They are simply the best for your lady bits (and his of course). They are organic, vegan, sustainably made and fair trade. Want more? They contain no animal by products, harsh chemicals, chlorine, parabens or synthetic fragrances. Did you know other sex products do? What the fuck are we putting inside our most precious parts? It’s disturbing to know that more care isn’t being placed on items like condoms and lube. Well it ends now. 

Sustain has a full line products for the bedroom. They have 3 sizes of condoms depending on your preferred fit. They have lavender scented and unscented lube that are pH balanced, water based and enriched with aloe vera. Post play wipes that are effortless, and ensure once again a balanced pH for your lady bits. They have citrus and ginger scented and unscented massage oil and body balm. Oh and coming soon are organic tampons and pads! Woot! You can get any of these items sent by subscription so cheaper if you sign up monthly. 

Something great? They donate 10% of their profits to women’s health organizations because did you know that over 20 million women don’t have access to proper reproductive healthcare. Way to give back folks. High five to that! 

Funny how I get nervous about posting this kind of stuff sometimes. But fuck it, who reads this anyways? Hopefully your inspired to have better sex and ensure your taking care of your body. 

Order here;

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