Covered Goods


Moms! This ones for you! Let me introduce you to one of my sisters favourite products – Covered Goods! Such a great multi-use product. Perfect as a nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and even a scarf! Too cute! This is an absolute must have for all mom and mom-to-be’s so be sure to add it to your list! It’s lightweight, soft and comfortable material, love how interchangeable it is, it’s truly a must have for the first few years of being a mom, and then to use after as an infinity scarf! Love!!! 

As a nursing cover it’s amazing, with a tighter neckline area you can adjust to have minimal coverage as a scarf nursing cover, to partial coverage, to full coverage, good for when you need to life your shirt up not down to nurse. It’s expandable enough to have one arm out and to look down at your baby as shown in the photo. It’s fantastic as a car seat cover for those sunny days to protect against the sun, or those chilly days when you want to keep your little one warm. 

They have so many cute colours and patterns to choose from, and for only $34.99 you may as well get a few! Order here;

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