Bean Box


MMMMM MOCHA! Finally got me some mocha! This was a great box full of coffee and mocha too! Plus a little candy. I love the variety here with the Bean Box! Mmmm love the smell of fresh coffee! Sent straight from Seattle, where some of the best coffee is. Luckily they partner with some of the best, top rated, award winning, small batch roasters. Nice and fresh, from the farm straight to your cup. The coffee is roasted to order so they ship within 2 days of roasting which is all good in my books! Love a dark blend? Prefer a lighter roast? They are easily customized. Each box will include 4 different roasts of 1.8oz, with tasting notes, profiles and brew tips and tricks of course.

They also have the option of the coffee of the month so you get a 12oz bag every month, biweekly or weekly depending on how much coffee you drink! Option of espresso, decaf, light medium and dark roasts. You can also select a bag yourself, like one in particular? Order a full bag! Anyone seen their World Tour & Deluxe Seattle Coffee Box on Instagram? Ermergerd, so much coffee! Love it! So many more options; tea box, espresso box, mocha box, coffee & chocolate box, Bonus… they even have a page to order coffee gear, including grinders, makers and accessories. In this box;

  1. Velton’s Coffee – Bonsai Blend – Loving this espresso roast with hints of hazelnut.
  2. Herkimer Coffee – Drip Blend – Perfect for that every morning cup-of-joe.
  3. Zoka Coffee Roasters Co. – Fitzroy Blend – Nice and smooth, this one is a lovely chocolatey flavor.
  4. Middle Fork  Roasters – Brazil Canaan Estate – This one has hints of cookie dough – YUUUUUM!
  5. European Classic Chocolat Vitale – This is great for the perfect mocha! Made with decadent chocolate, yuuuum
  6. Venezuelan Black Chocolat Vitale – Loving this one too, a little richer for that deep dark mocha.

Starting at only $17 a month with free shipping, more than enough to last me monthly and now I get to choose from one of the 4 blends each morning for my daily cup a joe! Use code DRINKME for 15% off your order. Order here;


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