Bumble Brain Box


Look at Myles just loving his Bumble Brain Box. This box is curated by Child Psychologists who know what tools to provide to you to ensure proper development at a specific age. They acknowledge that 90% of the brain develops during the age of 0 to 5 so be sure to provide them with the right tools to soar through learning! Just select for newborn, infant or toddler and let them send you 5-10 targeted activities and toys that aim to help with social, physical, auditory, cognitive and emotional development. You will also be provided with email access to experts in Child Psych, Nutrition, Dentistry, Medicine and Education. In this box;

  1. Wooden Flute – Both Myles & Westy loved this. Myles was all smiles listening to me test it out, then Westy ran around the house playing it loud and proud!
  2. Sound Activated Light-Up Bracelet – This lights up when there’s sounds which was exciting for the baby.
  3. Rubber Rattle Ball – Myles really liked holding this, and looking at the colours and complexity of the toy, great toy for babies for sure since it has a rattle in it too.
  4. Berlitz Baby Talk & Tunes Language CD – this audio program is great, it helps bring about important language concepts and has sing-alongs and lullabies.
  5. Alphabet learning chart – great for a babies growing mind! 

They also have a great baby magazine that has toooons of useful information, this really is a great tool for new moms! It includes a Supply List, Experts Videos, Brain Development Activities, Informative Articles, Baby & Toddler Assessments, Spanish & Sign Language, Printable Flash Cards & Learning Tools, Parenting Tips & Takeaways, Membership into a Private Parenting Group and Unlimited Email Q&A with Dr. Kristi. Be sure to get your first magazine for free on the 20th of the month with the code FREEMAG. The first 50 people to use the code SAVE15 will receive 15% off for life! Starting at $16.67 a month or order a one time box for $24.99. Order here;



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