Handmade Hive


Oh geez, this is my kinda box! This is a new company and oh soooo fantastic! Let me introduce you to a new fav, the Handmade Hive box! They sent me the ‘Love is in the Air’ box for February that arrived right in time for Valentine’s. I loved it too much to share thou, oops! Muahah. Each month you can expect to find 5-7 full sized products handmade by local, small businesses. Some lovely, hard to find, carefully curated artisan products. Perhaps you’ll get some beauty & body products, fun household stuff, or some delicious treats that I have to say this box is bang on with all of these. In this box;

  1. Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels from Big Picture Farm – Ohhhh come on now, how did you know my weakness! Caramels and spicy green beans folks… those are my weaknesses. Here we have a full box and oh sooo many flavors! I’ll have to reach out to BPF to ask for more because these won’t last long! I got Raspberry Rhubarb, Brown Butter Bourbon, Cider Honey and Chocolate Mint – OMG seriously…. with the flavors, I’m dying here, they also have Sea Salt & Vanilla, Maple Cream, Chai, Cocoa Latte…. send more please!
  2. Wine Glass & Bottle Holder from Oak Barrel Designs – How fantastic is this? Super cute and hand made, I love wood products like this, I just need something bigger now! Oh… wine not included – oh and this is my favvvvv Summerhill, yummm.
  3. Strawberry Summer Freeze Dried Strawberries from the Fruit Boxx – Ohhhh yum, dried fruit! I want more! Kiwi please! I haven’t had a chance to try the Fruit Boxx yet but if this is the type of stuff they send then sign me up!
  4. Mexican Hot Chocolate Snack Frosting by FROST’D – So many tasty treats, I’m loving it! This is perfect on a little vanilla bean ice cream with the strawberries, oh I think I could use this entire box in one go!
  5. Hand-Poured Beeswax Candles from Meadow View Beekeeping – These smell so yummy, I love anything bee related so honey, beeswax, love it all! These are so nice and big too, not little tiny candles!
  6. Citrus Rose Body Butter from Farmstead Apothecary – Mmmm smells so yummy, another full sized product here, lovely smelling too!
  7. Vol.18 Chocolate – Not in the photo but this is a great chocolate cooking book by Short Stack Editions.

Overall this was a fan-freaken-tastic box and I am definitely intrigued to see what they will come up with next. Oh and wanna hear something fantastic? They also give back in a big way! A portion of each box goes toward The Truth Home, which is a therapeutic home that offers help to sex trafficking and sexual exploitation survivors with a recovery plan that includes mentoring, counseling, coaching, life skills education, life enrichment classes, job skills training and spiritual encouragement. Love it. My fav type of subscription box, those that give back. Seriously thou, giving back and supporting small local businesses is what makes me happy to be a blogger.

Looking to get the next Handmade Hive box? Only a few March boxes left before they are sold out! Only $44.99 a month plus shipping, but worth it, this box is worth over $75! Order here;  


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