Elementary Box – February – Kindergarten


Here is a box made for teachers by teachers! Elementary Box focuses on pre-K thru grade 5 with seasonal themes as well like Christmas and Halloween! This is a great gift for your kids teacher, a friend or family that’s a teacher, even good for those home schooled or even just a mom! You can expect to find teaching resources, student incentives and teacher gifts that build a sense of community in the classroom made by local small businesses. Teachers really do so much for our kids, they have a hard job, I know I could never do it, I have a hard enough time babysitting my 3 yr old nephew, let alone a class full! In this box;

  1. Pete the Cat ETA Workbook Grade K – This is a fantastic activity book! So perfect to get a head start for your kids or students!
  2. Pet the Cat Groovy Shoe & Button Accents – These are cute, Westy was playing with these all day!
  3. Pete the Cat You’re Purrrfect Bookmark Awards – Great for students!
  4. Leopard Print Heart Stickers – These came right on time for Valentine’s Day. Westy put them on the cards for all his Valentine’s which was too cute.

Order here for only $27 a month with code THANKATEACHER with free shipping (this box is worth $40!). Don’t forget to check out their instagram and pinterest page, loving the past boxes! Click here;



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