Barista Coffee Box – February


I’ve truly become coffee obsessed lately. Learning to really appreciate the power and taste of good quality coffee. I am lovely Barista Coffee Box and their monthly boxes featuring a new roaster each month, want more? You can get up to 4 packs of 2oz fresh roasted artisan coffee beans delivering each month! They give you the opportunity to try countless brands of coffee from all over! I don’t like drinking the same coffee all the time so it’s perfect for trying new roasters from around the country!

This months featured roasters are Honest Coffee Roasters all the way from Tennessee! They have a great website with some fantastic pictures and their coffee is even better! Looking at the pictures of the cafe from my office computer it made me want to run away and go work there. A nice relaxing trip down south to Tennessee would be so fun, and this coffee shop is gorgeous, lovely brick and industrial looking, ah the perfect spot to grab a cup of joe. I had to steal one of their blurbs from the site as I thought it was well written and thoughtful; “Coffee has the ability to influence culture unlike anything else.  It drives business, fosters community, and brings people from far and wide to experience something that, when done well, will cause anyone to pause and appreciate life a little more.” How fitting, and what an art. They also have the nicest mugs and thermos for coffee, I want!!!! That’s something I need more of, coffee and tea mugs! The coffee they chose;

  1. Peru Rayos Del Sol – Here is a jammy sweet one for you from Peru!
  2. Dual Axes All Season Blend – Mmm notes of chocolate cake? Can’t go wrong here. This one’s from Peru & Guatemala and is a blen of 2 roasts.
  3. Papua New Guinea Sigri Peaberry – This one is interesting! It’s a savory rather than sweet combo with notes of fig, butternut squash and root beer.
  4. Peru El Cipres – From Peru, this one has coconut notes which I love.

Order yours today for only $20 a box with free shipping and get an extra 50% off your 1st box with coupon code justonebox50. Order here;


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