What’s in your Box


Oh la la I’m loving this box! What’s in Your Box?!?! Great name too, very clever! This box is full of items that will enhance your sex life. Love it, and love this box! This months box will ensure your lady parts are in tip top shape before getting down and dirty between the sheets. Each month you’ll get a carefully curated box discreetly mailed to you with 4-5 items for your pleasure, health or hygiene. You might find a toy, lube, condoms, and more. In this box; 

  1. Sensuva ON Arousal Gel – OH my! 3 packs of lube, but not just any lube. This is arousal gel for your lady love bit. Apply some of this to get the blood flowing, and ensuring you are ready for the big O. It actually gives you a vibrating and pulsating sensation. I must have more of this! Tip – Foreplay is a must! Every time fellas! 
  2. Babeland Honey Almond Massage Candle – I would have to say this is the best smelling item I have ever got in a box. The smell of Almond Extract to me is intoxicating so this massage candle will be used immediately! Tip – Guys, be sure to set the mood before jumping right to it! 
  3. Sustain Ultra Thin Condoms – stay safe ladies! Be sure to wrap it! These are vegan and fair trade! 
  4. LoveBug Yeast is a Beast – these are great probiotics to ensure your pH is always balanced. 
  5. Jen Serafini matches – super cute burn baby burn matches. 

This box is only $15 a month (and worth over $50!!!) with free shipping in the US. Not sure if there’s a price tag on good sex and a healthy sex life but this is definitely worth it! Order here;


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