The Little Care Box


How exciting! I feel like I’m taking a trip to England without even leaving my home! What a fun idea, so many exciting treats I wouldn’t otherwise be able to try or find! This box by the Little Care Package is just jam packed with treats from the UK. Sweet treats, salty snacks, magazines, kitchen items, condiments… who knows what you’ll get each month! Not just stuff you’ll find at your local British store, that’s for sure! This truly is like a care package straight from the UK. They jam pack about 20 items in each box which is just crazy! Full sized items too so the whole family can enjoy. In this box we have;

  1. Reusable canvas bag – Love this British themed bag, super cute!
  2. Oven mit – A must for all the work in the kitchen – and when taking out those yorkshires!
  3. OK! magazine – Just a little trash magazine for fun, love!
  4. London Bus – Super cute, trying to decide where to put this!
  5. Yorkshire Pudding Mix – ERMERGERD, can’t wait to make this immediately! Love yorkshires! Although I hear they are really hard to make.
  6. Shortbread Biscuits – Num num, these are tasty!
  7. Jaffa Cakes – I’ve seen these before, a yummy treat straight from the UK!
  8. Flying Saucers – A famous one, haven’t had one of these since Elementary school!
  9. Skips S&V chips – Mmmm I love these! They remind me of one of my fav snacks
  10. Walkers worcestershire chips – interesting flavor and oh so fun!
  11. Galaxy chocolate bar – Huge caramel chocolate bar, delicious.
  12. plus 7 other smaller chocolate bars… that’s alot of stuff!!!!! Some of these I have found in store before, some are new to me! I love trying new chocolate so quickly took this pic so I could start sampling all of them!

This is a great box if you are missing your UK home, love their products and can’t find them here, or if just love care packages! Starting at only $36 a month with free shipping, so US and Canada folks put your orders in! Order here;


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